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SSMPSewer System Management Plan
SSMPStockpile Stewardship and Management Program (US nuclear stockpile)
SSMPSocial Services Master Plan
SSMPSite Safety Management Plan (Australia)
SSMPSystem Safety Management Plan
SSMPStartup, Shutdown, Malfunction Plan
SSMPSupport to the Safe Motherhood Programme (Nepal)
SSMPSpy Sappin' My Patience (gaming)
SSMPSpy Sappin My Patience (Team Fortress 2 gaming comunity)
SSMPSupply Support Management Plan
SSMPSystem Security Management Program
SSMPSample Survey Military Personnel
SSMPSemisolid Materials Processing laboratory
SSMPSupplemented with Skim Milk Powder
SSMPSingle Stamp Multi Part
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The Wdr Requires All Federal, State, Municipalities, Counties, Districts And Other Public Entities That Own Or Operate Sanitary Sewer Systems Greater Than One Mile In Length To Develop And Implement A System-specific Sewer System Management Plan "Ssmp").
initial assessment for the FOG inspection Program to comply with the City s 2013 Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP).
In addition, the list of ranked CIP projects that is provided by the SMP is included in the Sanitary Sewer System Management Plan