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Urban sex ratio at birth for under-five children varies from 1,147 in Bathinda districtbetter than the average for Kerala and Puducherry, regions with Indias best sex ratiosto 593 in Amritsar district, among the lowest in India.
Another important phenomenon pertaining to this topic is that regardless of geographic location, the sex ratio at birth data show that Black females give birth to fewer boys than non-Black females.
Maalouf WE, Mincheva MN, Campbell BK, Hardy IC (2014) Effects of assisted reproductive technologies on human sex ratio at birth.
1) To find out sex ratio at birth among deliveries conducted in G.
Also, before the one-child policy, China's sex ratio at birth averaged around 107 boys for every 100 girls.
Change in the sex ratio at birth (because of sex selective induced abortions) is becoming more and more favourable to males, and
1) Although Sen's interpretation of a gender bias was initially challenged--for example, by the suggestion that hepatitis B was altering the natural sex ratio at birth in parts of Asia (2)--there is now widespread acceptance that the deficit in the number of women is the result of the combination of sex-selective abortion (aided by easy access to ultrasonography), infanticide and childhood neglect.
The NAC in April last year had made six recommendations for a national policy for improving sex ratio at birth, the principal among them was strengthening the legal regime by enacting new laws and reviewing existing ones like dowry prohibition law and laws related to rape.
She observes that "rampant demographic masculinization" has jeopardized humanity because the lopsided birth totals of China and India have "skewed the sex ratio at birth of the entire world, which has risen from 105 [male births per 100 female births] to the biologically impossible 107.
Statistics of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi show that the sex ratio at birth fluctuated between 2001 and 2010 for both citizens and non-citizens.
Under normal circumstances, the sex ratio at birth usually ranges from 102-106 live male births per 100 live female births.
After China, India has the highest number of "missing girls" at birth, that is, the numbers that should have been born in keeping with the average world sex ratio at birth.