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Hunt, of no fixed address, was convicted of conspiracy to rape at the same trial and has now also been jailed for 10 years, with a lifelong sexual harm prevention order and sex offender registration.
The first modern challenge to sex offender registration schemes came in Smith v.
Part I provides a brief history of juvenile sex offender registration and discusses constitutional challenges to sex offender registration and, in particular, juvenile registration.
These policies and laws concern issues such as sex offender registration, community notification when a sex offender moves into a neighborhood, residence restrictions limiting where sex offenders may live, electronic monitoring and more.
13) Then, this Note explains recent precedent regarding such bans, particularly in the context of sex offender registration statutes.
A larger study by Vasquez, Madden & Walker (2008) examined the available data on the number of rapes reported monthly before and after the implementation of sex offender registration and notification laws in ten US states--Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, and West Virginia).
70) These are neither exhaustive nor definitive, but in examining Alaska's sex offender registration and community-notification laws in 2003, the Court stressed the question "whether, in its necessary operation, the regulatory scheme: has been regarded in our history and traditions as a punishment; imposes an affirmative disability or restraint; promotes the traditional aims of punishment; has a rational connection to a nonpunitive purpose; or is excessive with respect to this purpose.
A CONVICTED sex attacker is behind bars again after failing to comply with sex offender registration.
Sex offender registration has significant consequences for both the offender and the community.
Numerous policies were enacted at local, state and federal levels, including post-incarceration civil commitment for so-called "sexually violent predators" (SVP), sex offender registration, and public notification.
Of these seven factors, the Supreme Court has singled out five as being most relevant to determining whether a sex offender registration and notification statute, in particular, is punitive in effects or purpose, making its retroactive application unconstitutional.
Through interagency cooperation between the Military Police Corps and the USMS from fiscal year 2011 to 2012, operational targeting practices against military sex offenders were developed, felony deserters were apprehended, and Department of Defense Form (DD Form) 2791, Notice of Release/ Acknowledgment of Convicted Sex Offender Registration Requirements, (6) was strategically revised.
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