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SATPSubstance Abuse Treatment Program
SATPSouth Asia Terrorism Portal
SATPSexual Abuse Treatment Program
SATPSecurity Assistance Training Program
SATPStandard Ambient Temperature and Pressure
SATPSpecial Assistant to the President (various organizations)
SATPSmall Arms Target Practice (US DoD)
SATPSpatial Average Temporal Peak (medical ultrasound)
SATPSubstance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
SATPSystem Acceptance Test Plan
SATPSecurity Awareness and Training Plan
SATPSoftware Acceptance Test Plan
SATPSecure Asynchronous Transport Protocol
SATPSan Andreas Traffic Police (gaming, Grand Theft Auto)
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An inmate brought a [sections] 1983 action against prison officials challenging reduction of his privileges following his refusal to participate in a sexual abuse treatment program. The district court granted summary judgment for the defendants.
(Sexual Abuse Treatment Program, Hutchinson Correctional Facility, Kansas)
A 1986 nationwide survey of sexual abuse treatment programs found that in most settings nearly every child/adolescent labeled sexually abused was put in treatment (Beutler, Williams & Zetzer, 1994; Macdonald, Higgins, & Ramchandani, 2006).