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SHABStudent Health Advisory Board (various schools)
SHABShrimp Hatchery Association of Bangladesh
SHABSchool Health Advisory Board (Virginia)
SHABState Housing Appeals Board (Rhode Island)
SHABSexual Harassment and Abuse (athletics)
SHABSteerable Hull Array Beamformer
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Therefore, one of the most powerful things that men can and must do is make it clear to other men - including their friends, colleagues and co-workers - that sexual harassment and abuse is never acceptable.
In recent months, reports of high-profile sexual harassment and abuse settlement cases involving corporate executives, along with other sexual harassment allegations, have sparked a national conversation on workplace harassment - including discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and other anti-discrimination laws.
Summary: Around the world, brave women (and some men) have been breaking the silence surrounding sexual harassment and abuse committed by those in positions of power.
Until now, the center mainly fought to improve the working conditions and salaries of women with low-paying jobs, but she realized that the national debate about sexual harassment and abuse cuts deep with women who frequently carry the scars and burden of sexual abuse in silence.
Hot off the heels of Matt Lauer's firing from NBC News amid sexual misconduct accusations, actress Kirstie Alley has given her two cents on the sexual harassment and abuse allegations that are growing in number in Hollywood lately.
Hollywood, the media, the political world - sexual harassment and abuse is suddenly everywhere.
She said sexual harassment and abuse rarely took place in the open but sexism was very visible.
In the West, some well-known names in the world of politics and media are being linked to sexual harassment and abuse.
Dubai The Juvenile Association in Dubai is conducting a year-long awareness campaign on sexual harassment and abuse, which will mainly be focused in schools.
In their study of sexual harassment and abuse in Australian sport, Leahy et al.
The dominant characteristic of sexual harassment and abuse in sport is power and control more than sexual gratification.
Lago Vista Independent School District, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor conceded that "a student suffers extraordinary harm when subjected to sexual harassment and abuse by a teacher.