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Bibeau announced spending on reproductive health projects in Africa, including $20 million for sexual and reproductive health rights for adolescents and young women in Nigeria, $15 million for sexual and reproductive services for adolescent girls in Ghana and $18.5 million for family planning and abortion in Mozambique.
Keywords: Right to Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Health Policy
In their hypothesis published in IJHPM in December 2015, (1) Lisa Forman and colleagues examined the prominence of the right to health and sexual and reproductive health rights (as well as related language) in four of the key reports that fed into the process of negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The OWG report was one of the four examined by Forman and colleagues, and they found that it was the one with the lowest 'prevalence' of rights-relevant terminology [2], including "no explicit reference to the right to health or to sexual and reproductive health rights." On the latter point, they erred in that reproductive rights were included in the OWG's draft of Goal 5 (the OWG and SDG texts of 5.6, indeed, are identical), but their wider point about the relative paucity of health rights language in the OWG proposal applies equally to the final SDGs, as adopted by the General Assembly.
Sexual and reproductive health rights, by contrast, have long been a lightning rod for international disagreement.
(13.) Louise Finer and Judith Bueno de Mesquita, Conscientious Objection: Protecting Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (Colchester, Essex, University of Essex, 2010).
In your opinion, which messages should be emphasized to ensure respect for sexual and reproductive health rights in Rwanda?
However, Coercion, discrimination and violence are the most common manifestations of or the basis for violations of female sexual and reproductive health rights. To what extent is this still true in Rwanda?
The resolutions of the 1994 Cairo Conference on Population and Development as well as the 1995 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing is perhaps the most comprehensive embodiment of female rights including sexual and reproductive health rights. What priorities deriving from the resolutions are being pursued and to what extent is Rwanda succeeding in their implementation?
In this issue of FEMNET News, we share with you various articles that give unique insights into emerging and innovative technologies for advancing sexual and reproductive health rights in Africa.
* Addressing the sexual and reproductive health rights and needs of those who do not form our traditional client base, such as youth, men who have sex with men, injecting drug users and sex workers, is an obligation which we must meet.