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[2.] The Seym of the Republic of Poland: Justification for amendment of the act on patient's rights and the Spokesperson for Patient's Rights, available at http://[cited: January 14, 2014] (Polish)
The Freedom gave the elite the right to terminate the Seym, often at the behest of foreign powers, and own peasants and control their labour, prevent townsmen from owning land, and oppose any sensible reforms that a benevolent king might have proposed.
It is often forgotten that during the Seym debates in 1569 a Union with Royal Prussia was also signed.
The Polish political system stipulated that the Polish state could not conduct a war without the permission of the Seym (a similar rule is written into the U.S.
Is it really so difficult to understand that without the liberum veto, or the right of each member of the Seym to veto decisions injurious to him, the Polish-Lithuanian personal union signed in Krewa in 1385 would never have become the full union of 1569?
Previously a Lithuanian journalist brought a handgun into the Seym to test security.
Sadly there are no Madisons or Jeffersons in the Warsaw Belweder (the traditional residence of the Polish president) or the Polish Seym (Parliament) to save Poland's budding democracy from a Roman Catholic takeover.
In that year in a speech to the Seym he referred to the English as 'the most truly free' and 'happiest' people in Europe.
Further steps in this process have been the addition of new impediments to divorce, the anti-abortion legislation and the campaign of hysteria that preceded its passage, the December 1992 Radio and Television law that made respect for "Christian values" obligatory for both public and private broadcasters, rules forcing soldiers to take part in "field masses" and other religious observances,(7) the attempt to force the Seym (Poland's one-house parliament) to ratify a Concordat that is unfavorable to the state, the pressure on the Constitutional Commission of the National Assembly to clericalize the Constitution,(8) and, finally, the increasingly aggressive attacks on the policy of integration in the European community.
When the current Seym began working on the liberalization of the anti-abortion law that had been forced through the previous parliament under concerted church pressure, the suffragan of Lowicz, Bishop Jozef Zawitkowski, addressed the parliamentary delegates during a sermon that was broadcast on radio in the following words: