SFIPStandard Flood Insurance Policy (FEMA)
SFIPSector Facility Indexing Project (US EPA)
SFIPSheep Flock Improvement Program (Canada)
SFIPSociété Française des Ingénieurs des Plastiques (French: French Society of Plastics Engineers)
SFIPSociété Francophone d'Imagerie Pédiatrique
SFIPSan Francisco International Program (California)
SFIPSociété Française d'Intervention et de Prévention (French: French Intervention and Prevention Company; security services)
SFIPSelf-Directed Fitness Improvement Program
SFIPSpecial Field Intelligence Program (FBI)
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The SFIP only provides coverage once the property arrives at another location.
Another difference includes the requirement in the SFIP that the property be stored in a "fully enclosed building or otherwise reasonably protected from the elements." The HO-3 doesn't specify where the property must be.
Specifically, because the plaintiffs' home was post-FIRM and situated below the base flood-zone elevation, their SFIP did not cover all building and personal property losses "below the lowest elevated floor." Following administrative review, FEMA upheld Nationwide's coverage determination.
The NFIA indisputably preempts state-law causes of action based on the handling and disposition of SFIP claims.
After applying SFIP function to the points [U.sub.[infinity]] and U from Figure 3.1, all objects dependent on [U.sub.[infinity]] will be redefined so as to be dependent on U instead.
The expectation is that the SFIP will accelerate the adoption of innovative teaching/learning activities, resulting in deep learning experiences for students.
(13) The SFIP is promulgated as a regulation in the Federal Register and is annually published at 44 C.F.R.
25, 2012, Foremost Insurance Company issued a standard flood insurance policy (SFIP) to Long Beach Road Holdings providing for $450,000 in flood coverage.
A federal district court in Connecticut has denied a homeowner's attempt to sue the insurance agent who sold him a standard flood insurance policy for misrepresentation, ruling that the homeowner was "charged with the knowledge of the terms and conditions of his coverage under his SFIP," and that any claim against the agent alone was "futile."