SGATStargate: Atlantis
SGATStatement of Generally Available Terms
SGATSalivary Gland Anlage Tumor (otolaryngology)
SGATSociety of Geoscientists and Allied Technologists (Orissa, India)
SGATSovereign Grace Advent Testimony
SGATStatement of Generally Accepted Terms
SGATSalivary Gland-Associated Tissues
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The sGAT employed in this study was the AT900 (Haag Streit International).
The mean IOP in the right eye of the 60 patients as determined by sGAT and dGAT were compared using Pearson's correlation analysis.
The mean IOP of the 60 eyes measured using sGAT was 16.27 [+ or -]6.68 mmHg and that for dGAT was 16.35 [+ or -]6.69 mmHg.
The second reading in each set of sGAT or dGAT measurements was used to analyze differences between left and right eyes, because it was closest to the mean of the three tonometry measurements.
Measurements with GAT are usually made to the 1 mmHg level with a sGAT's scale marked at every 2 mmHg.
Previous studies have reported that dGAT yields highly reproducible results and there is a significant positive correlation between sGAT and dGAT measurements [23, 24].
Even in patients with equal IOP (zero left-right difference) with sGAT, dGAT detected IOP differences between the left and right eyes.
Segun el MOF el OT esta dentro de las funciones de los siguientes cargos: Gerente Regional de Planeamiento, Sub Gerente de Acondicionamiento Territorial y Director Programa Sectorial II (SGAT) 3.
de procesos 1 Asistencia SGAT procesos de implementados tecnica a formulacion ZEE municipalidades provinciales y provinciales el Plan de para impulsar Ordenamiento procesos Territorial del ZEE-OT departamento de 1 POT Cajamarca departamental Difundir el POT No.
Truly shared trunk and trunk port UNEs must be included in interconnection agreements and/or SGATs, with the methods used to meter usage explicitly specified.
Interconnection agreements and SGATs need to specify appropriate, perhaps distinct, wholesale discounts for volume offerings that are determined by the avoided cost from wholesaling volume offerings.
SGATs and interconnection agreements must make it plain that all three are available.