SGATStatement of Generally Available Terms
SGATSalivary Gland Anlage Tumor (otolaryngology)
SGATSociety of Geoscientists and Allied Technologists (Orissa, India)
SGATSovereign Grace Advent Testimony
SGATStatement of Generally Accepted Terms
SGATSalivary Gland-Associated Tissues
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181) As discussed below, BellSouth's collocation arrangements were problematic as well because the Louisiana SGAT did not bind BellSouth to specific installation intervals for interconnection of collocated equipment and did not state all relevant prices, although some progress on the reporting of installation intervals occurred between the Louisiana and Louisiana II applications.
This issue arose in South Carolina and Louisiana as well because BellSouth's SGATs promised neither access to UNEs for purposes of combining them nor enough specificity on collocation arrangements to enable a determination that CLECs would be able to combine.
SGATs and/or interconnection agreements also need to completely specify access and combination methods and all relevant charges.
Interconnection agreements and SGATs need to specify appropriate, perhaps distinct, wholesale discounts for volume offerings that are determined by the avoided cost from wholesaling volume offerings.
incorporated their guidance into our SGAT revisions.
District Court in Raleigh regarding the current SGAT, which
Ray said that in the revised SGAT, BellSouth provides details of
Approval of the revised SGAT is the last step on BellSouth's