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Competing with Alliant's Term-KE is a project from Raytheon (teamed with Primex Technologies) with a shaped charge warhead. It is understood that the Raytheon proposal uses three types of guidance: semi-active laser, an electro-optical system and millimetre-wave radar.
In fact, all of the weapons listed used shaped charge warheads as the amour penetration mechanism.
By tinkering with the chemical mixture in shaped charge warheads, Stults is creating a "plasma antenna" that will direct an electromagnetic pulse at the target.
Effective against chemical energy munitions such as shaped charge warheads, the versions tested to date are not effective against kinetic energy threats.
Electromagnetic armour: electromagnetic armour is designed to counter the plasma jet created by shaped charge warheads. It consists of two plates between which there is a potential of several thousand volts.
The Russian equivalent of the TMD is the Bazalt RBK-500, which can carry 268 PTAB-1M shaped charge warheads, each weighing 0.94 kg and capable of penetrating 240 mm of armour.
The latter solution can be effective against shaped charge warheads but is usually less effective against APFSDS penetrator rods, while the addition of the former usually adds to the weight problem.
ERA can cover vulnerable points of an armoured vehicle to provide extra protection against shaped charge warheads. Striking ERA initiates the incoming shaped charge to develop the high temperature jet intended to burn its way through the main armour, but the explosive content of the ERA is also initiated and detonates; the ERA container walls will then be thrust outwards to scatter and disrupt the jet, degrading its armour penetration capabilities before it can do its intended work.
The newer Bill 2, which has recently been put into production, operates along the same lines, but has two downward-firing shaped charge warheads, the front one of which is toed-in to produce a common impact point with the larger rear one.