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SMHCSelkirk Mental Health Centre (Canada)
SMHCSouthern Maryland Hospital Center
SMHCSouth of Market Health Center (San Francisco, CA)
SMHCSt. Martin’s Hospitality Center (New Mexico)
SMHCShared Mental Health Care (Canada)
SMHCSkeletal Myosin Heavy Chain
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SMHCSerious Mental Health Condition
SMHCSaint Mary Health Center
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Discussants were Nick Kates, MBBS, Canadian psychiatrist and cochair of the shared mental health care working group of the Canadian Psychiatric Association and College of Family Physicians of Canada and Larry Green, MD, University of Colorado Family Physician and health policy expert.
May 15-17: Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference; Collaborative Working Group on Shared Mental Health Care in Canada; Victoria, BC; www.
A turning point for collaborative mental health care occurred in 1996 when the Canadian Psychiatric Association and the College of Family Physicians of Canada agreed to work together to develop a joint position paper on Shared Mental Health Care in Canada (Kates, 1997).
Shared mental health care in Canada Supplement to the Canadian Journal of Psychology, 42, and Canadian Family Physician, 43.
Our program, TIPP, was developed to meet the need for an effective and efficient shared mental health care model.
Joseph's Care Group, and Shared Mental Health Care Services, Fort William Clinic.
The article outlines the conceptual shared mental health care model, in which psychiatrists and mental health clinicians (e.
The Shared Mental Health Care demonstration project was part of a joint federal--provincial initiative to determine ways health service delivery could be reformed in the direction of primary care.
The article on the Calgary model of shared mental health care (McElheran, Eaton, Rupcich, Basinger, & Johnston, 2004) offers some useful ideas for tackling the family medicine crisis in Canada and the United States as well as many other countries struggling to produce enough primary care physicians to meet the needs of their population.
Using financial incentives to promote shared mental health care.
The Shared Mental Health Care project is backed by the Alberta government in conjunction with the Alberta Medical Association.
The Shared Mental Health Care project, which is based on a 1998 pilot project, is designed to help family physicians recognize mental health symptoms in their patients and to determine a treatment plan.
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