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Sharm El Luli beach is considered as one of the top touristic destinations for travellers, with some TripAdvisor members describing it as a "paradise on earth," assuring that their trip there was the best trip of their lives.
Flying from Cairo's busy life to Sharm, the rare desert-and-sea resort, Abaza takes the leadership helm of the day-to-day operations of sales and marketing departments, while maintaining focus on the company's strategic goals, and discovering more emerging markets.
Then UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced a ban on all flights to Sharm Al Shaikh on the very day the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi was visiting Downing Street citing information gleaned from "terrorist chatter", intelligence that was not shared with Egyptian authorities.
Ramly said that Air Cairo transported 250,000 tourists from January to September 2017 on approximately 2,000 flights to Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam.
Monarch Airlines, a British low-cost airline based at Luton Airport, is refunding bookings to Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh up to and including February 9, 2017, reports said last week.
Direct flights between the UK and Sharm have been suspended since November after the terrorist bombing of a Russian passenger plane, with a severe impact on the tourist business in the Sinai Peninsula resort.
In 2014, around 900,000 Brits still holidayed in Egypt, most heading to Sharm.
Egyptian tourism minister Hisham Zaazou has confirmed a Saudi businessman is in talks with Egyptian authorities over a $4 billion tourism resort in Sharm el-Sheikh, according to local reports.
The announcement comes after British Airways confirmed its flights to and from Sharm will be suspended until at least January 14 while EASYJET has cancelled services up to January 6.
The firm said, Because of security issues over the airfield of Sharm el-Sheikh, our flights have been mutually canceled till Nov.
Monarch announced that only two of five flights it intended to put on from Sharm el-Sheikh to the UK yesterday will be permitted by the Egyptian authorities.
Monarch Airways announced yesterday that only two of five flights it intended to fly from Sharm el-Sheikh to the UK had been permitted by the Egyptian authorities.