SHARPESymbolic Hierarchical Automated Reliability and Performance Evaluation
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And I am sure Lucy would have done just the same by me; for a year or two back, when Martha Sharpe and I had so many secrets together, she never made any bones of hiding in a closet, or behind a chimney-board, on purpose to hear what we said.
So sharpe the conquering' put his case in a nutshell.
Later they may like to read the Century Edition of Macpherson's Ossian, edited by William Sharpe.
Smee (formerly a pupil of Sharpe of Frith Street, a dissolute, irregular, and unsuccessful man, but a man with great knowledge of his art) being the cousin of Miss Wirt, we say, and introduced by her to Miss Osborne, whose hand and heart were still free after various incomplete love affairs, felt a great attachment for this lady, and it is believed inspired one in her bosom.
Police spokesman John Hankemeier declined Thursday to say if Sharpe lived at the home.
And after preparing him for the top job for the past year, Whelan is confident that Sharpe is up to the task.
Sharpe brings strength in small to medium-sized mixers and in chemical, industrial, pharmaceutical, and sanitary markets whereas Hayward Gordon has been strong in medium to large mixers in mineral processing, oil & gas, and water/wastewater treatment.
So when readers of The Bellingham Business Journal voted her the Executive of the Year in the 2014 Readers' Choice Awards, Sharpe said she couldn't take all the credit.
Upon assuming leadership of the BMI, Sharpe built an all-source intelligence service that collected information from a wide array of sources and then provided timely analysis of it to the commander.
Sharpe had been living in northern Spain for two decades and died on Wednesday in the town of Llafranc in Catalonia, which he had made his home.
As a managing director of Little Rock nonprofit Bridge2Rwanda, Sharpe divides his time between Arkansas and Africa.
In a meeting with the Archdeacon of Dudley, Fred Trethewey, in January 2005, shortly after he took up his post, the hearing was told that Rev Sharpe said: "Thanks very much, you have given me a poisoned chalice.