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SHARTSplit Hyperfractionated Accelerated Radiation Therapy
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"Incontrolable," comedy; producer, Abel Nahmias; director, Raffy Shart; cast, Michael Youn, Thierry Lhermitte, Patrick Timsit.
Shart - a useful juvenile maiden for John Gosden in 1997 - and College Choir, who showed modest form for Gary Moore early last season, completed an excellent day for the ex-British horses when also winning on the card.
We shart the proof by calculating the trade union's expected utility if it punishes for [Tau]([Alpha], [[Beta].sup.e]) periods.
A good place to start is with Caldecott Medal-winning illustrators Gerald McDermott and Trina Shart Hyman.
hoap hote leeve meave kake dake derty dorty hawl harl shurt shart fether fither bote boaf gaim gome kard carn craul crail braive broave thurd thord froun froan therty thorty fawl farl nurve norve shrude shrode flert flerd groe gron flote klote beich beash werld warld floar ploor reech reash naim nade balk bape bloe blog broun broan ferst filst klass cliss flote floap tirn turt thair theer bair beal faim fune burd bart craive croave hirt herk draul drail karm karn mair maif lether lither sope sote Appendix B
When Marshall Field III decided to shart a pro-Roosevelt newspaper in Chicago, he tried to gain access to the Associated Press wire service.
In one, a skewed optometrist's shart is slipping off the bottom edge, where it can no longer test the eye.
The first section deals with intent (niyya), which might be taken in minimalist and formal terms as an action that is a component (rukn, fard) of or condition (shart) for prayer, a mental and perhaps verbal identification of and attentiveness to one's actions as a particular prayer (such as dawn prayer).
This issue is known in classical jurisprudence as hibah bi thawab (a gift with expected compensation), according to the Maliki School, or hibah bi shart al-'iwad (a gift with stipulated counter-value), according to the Shafi'i and Hanbali Schools (Al-Jaziri, 2003).
ISLAMABAD, August 11, 2009 (Frontier Star): Indian High Commission in Pakistan, Shart Sabarwal has said that economic freedom is pre-requisite for socio economic development and progress of the South Asia.