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SHASSVM (Service Module) Harness Subsystem
SHASScottish Health Advisory Service (est. 1970; now National Health Service Quality Improvement Scotland)
SHASSafe Haven Animal Sanctuary (San Jose, CA)
SHASSupplement to HIV/AIDS Surveillance
SHASSubjective High Assessment Scale (alcohol intoxication)
SHASShomrei Torah Sephardim-Sephardi Torah Guardians (Israeli political party)
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I have consistently adopted a policy in approving over 200 SHAs across New Zealand that this is primarily a consideration for Councils in making the recommendation, and that does not change in my home area.
The new SHA cluster arrangements will mirror the four commissioning sectors of the new national NHS commissioning board, which, subject to legislation, will become operational from April next year.
The decision was taken by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader, after consulting the party's supreme authority, Shas said.
In light of this, the Council of Torah Sages (the leadership of the Shas party), headed by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, has decided that Shas cannot join a coalition under current conditions," the statement said.
On the basis of this fieldwork and their reading of the pertinent literature, the authors offer a portrait of Shas which emphasizes its being akin to Evangelist movements, in Jewish terms a "teshuva" movement, of a kind with Habad hasidism.
One chief executive's early retirement deal reportedly cost his SHA pounds 900,000.
He is working as interim director of NHS financial recovery for the Department of Health ( a temporary part-time job he will do while establishing the new SHA.
He said: 'Over the next few months I will be listening to staff and their views on how we best utilise the considerable talent within the three SHAs to develop capacity and maintain and improve performance in the NHS across the West Midlands.
PM Sharon dismisses four ministers from the Orthodox Shas Party after they voted against an emergency economic package in the Knesset, which was rejected by a vote of 47 to 44.
Efforts by Israeli Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon to form a government received a boost Sunday when the ultra-Orthodox Shas party agreed to join a unity government.