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SHAWSScalable Highly Available Web Server
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He gave me the letter, which was addressed in these words: "To the hands of Ebenezer Balfour, Esquire, of Shaws, in his house of Shaws, these will be delivered by my son, David Balfour." My heart was beating hard at this great prospect now suddenly opening before a lad of seventeen years of age, the son of a poor country dominie in the Forest of Ettrick.
Then William Shaw said: 'I should like to look like that--a little while.'
"There were four," he said--"Ramon Gallegos, William Shaw, George W.
Though Boston erected no monument and history recorded no story, in you and in the loyal race which you represent, Robert Gould Shaw would have a monument which time could not wear away," then came the climax of the emotion of the day and the hour.
Thirteen bowmen, with hung heads and sheepish faces, stepped forward with Mark Shaw and ranged themselves behind Sir Claude.
"And where better to start the celebrations of a historic great Yorkshire brand than at the historic Great Yorkshire Show?" A birthday isn't complete without balloons and cake, of course, and there will be plenty of both at the Shaws stand, with apple cake bites, specially created for the occasion by Shaws' innovative food technologist Kate Pearson, using Shaws' apple sauce, of course.
By combining Shaws broad-reaching DOCSIS architecture with the power of our fibre infrastructure, Shaw is now able to connect more businesses to 100 Mbps symmetrical services than ever before, while offering the fastest broadly-available symmetrical speeds of any cable provider in North America.
So Shaw Newspapers hired an agency to create recruiting materials.
It happened on March 15, 1923, at about four o'clock in the afternoon, and the participants were Britain's then most highly regarded playwright, George Bernard Shaw, and Barry Jackson, who had created the Birmingham Repertory Theatre ten years earlier.
Jim Shaw joined Shaw Communications in 1982 as a construction worker and cable installer, the front line of customer service and the foundation of all Shaws business.
POLICE are appealing for witnesses to a crash which killed Holme Valley pensioner Jenny Shaw.
Shaws commitment to our county has been, and continues to be, a much valued partnership, Meigs-Decatur Economic Development Corporation President J.