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SHEPSystolic Hypertension in the Elderly Program (clinical trial)
SHEPSchool Health Education Program
SHEPSurvey of Healthcare Experience of Patients (US VA)
SHEPSafety, Health, and Environmental Program
SHEPSexual Harassment Education Project
SHEPSambura Health and Education Project
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He was not so large,--he weighed only one hundred and forty pounds,--for his mother, Shep, had been a Scotch shepherd dog.
We will need your interest and help if Old Shep can one day again roam with children across hills, meadows, flat lands, and fields.
After spending almost a month at a specialty hospital with a neurological specialist, Shep showed little to no improvement and euthanasia was recommended.
Inseparable from Blue Peter presenter John Noakes, Shep was exciteable and made lively TV.
5; 2, T Evans, Gwalchmai, Shep, 9olf; 3, G Owen, Llanerchymedd, Roy, 9; 4, A Davies, Bryneglwys, Moss, 11; 5, G Ll Jones, Bala, Don, 14; 6, RH Hughes, Llwydiarth, Clwyd Mac, 15.
Shep is a master thief who will try to pinch anything edible but his normal diet is a good quality complete food, with a couple of tins of sardines added in each week.
Colin looked astonished, then urged said: "Just do what Shep would do.
1, P Turnbull, Tan, 90; 2, B Jordan, Candy, 86; 3, S Smith, Min, 84; 4, T Straughan, Guy, 83; 5, J Fyall, Shep, 79; S Smith, Tip, 75.
She says: "I never normally let Shep out of my sight but on this particular day the window cleaner forgot to shut the gate and he must have just wandered off.
Shep Fitzke's modular set pieces are marvelously functional to each bathroom environment, ranging from a jail cell toilet to an upscale boudoir.
Grateful; Coko; Warryn Campbell, Tony Homer, Asaph Alexander Ward, "Big Mike" Clemons, Arthur "Buddy" Strong, Donald Lawrence, Da Wax, Shep Crawford
Q It shows your closeness with manager Shep Gordon.