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SHIASvenska Handikapporganisationers Internationella (Swedish: Swedish Organizations of Disabled Persons International Aid Association)
SHIASoekarno Hatta International Airport (Jakarta, Indonesia)
SHIASocial Housing in Action (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)
SHIASocial Health Impact Assessment
SHIASky Harbor International Airport (Phoenix, AZ)
SHIASupportive Housing Initiative Act (California)
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The influence of Pakistani security forces in the assassination of Shias," Shia Voice, January 24, 2012, http://www.
According to the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, 161 people were killed and 257 others were injured in 2017 as a result of targeted sectarian attacks against Shia places of worship or worshippers.
RATHER than Americans and European being the masters in grooming Taliban and al-Qaeda, other such organizations and their offshoots, like ISIS or ISIL, and their allies, Shia leaders can be viable mentors and advisors for better Islamic ways to ascertain rights of Muslim Ummah.
Their primary task is to protect Shia shrines from attacks of the ISIS.
The good news is that Shia has finally been able to turn his 'loser' image around, by way of a number of 'winning' portrayals in more recent film outings like 'Fury,' where he was singled out for his ability to 'disappear' into his assigned character.
He made it clear that the Shia Muslims were demanding only what the constitution promises them, and that it was their fundamental right to know where these missing persons were and why they were not being given a fair trial.
However, the government has responded to the protests with a heavy-handed crackdown, but the rallies have intensified since January 2016 when Saudi Arabia executed respected Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, an outspoken critic of the policies of the Riyadh regime.
He probably feels that Iraq and Iraqis have a greater claim to the mantle of Shia Imams, most of whom are buried in Iraq, than the Iranians.
The Shia Waqf Board contended that the Sunni Waqf Board has no stake in the case since the mosque was a Shia property.
Tensions in Al-Awamiya escalated after it was announced that the regime would demolish a four-century old Shia neighborhood in order to stop "terrorists" from hiding inside the buildings.
Meantime, the Shia outfit Majlis-e-Wihdatul Muslimeen on Saturday took to Shahra-e-Pakistan and main Namaish Chowrangi to protest against the arrest of to what they called Farzand-e-Pakistan (son of Pakistan).
THE gulf which divides the world's Sunni and Shia Muslims began the moment the prophet Muhammad died in AD 632.