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On Thursday, UAE warplanes bombed Yemeni government forces in Aden, shifting the balance of power in a month-long battle between the separatists and Hadi for control of the city and southern Yemeni provinces.
DENNIS WISE and Ian Wright believe Steven Gerrard's arrival at Ibrox is shifting the balance of power in the Premiership.
As Joel's grandfather notes, those elections brought about true change in America, shifting the balance of power from the elite to individuals, with immigrants who were once barely tolerated coming to form major voting blocs.
These disruptions are shifting the balance of power among major regional players and putting many Middle Eastern producers at risk of losing the competitive edge they long enjoyed from cheap feedstock, as per the report.
More importantly, forming the joint PUK-Gorran parliamentary list aims at shifting the balance of power and ending the so-called unilateral authority in Kurdistan Region.
All four councillors involved are in safe Labour seats so any hopes of a series of by-elections shifting the balance of power would seem unfounded.
Beyond Syria, the largely Sunni-led Gulf countries are also wary of Obama's willingness to negotiate with Iran, a Shiite nation, and still worry that the nuclear deal Obama struck with the country last year could end up shifting the balance of power in the region away from them.
Josh Campbell, Matt Stuecken and Damien Chazelle's deliciously ambiguous script keeps us guessing about where that safety might be, constantly shifting the balance of power between characters whose ulterior motives are shrouded in mystery.
In a multi-polar world, where the influence and economic weight of emerging economies is shifting the balance of power, International Standards stimulate trade, overcome artificial trade barriers and help level the playing field.
There is a 15% drop in the benchmark for rent increase under the New Decree, shifting the balance of power from tenants to landlords, and allowing landlords to increase rent at a lower benchmark on lease renewal.
"Elements of the code, such as shorter termination periods, the abolition of retrospective price adjustments and the inclusion of a market-based pricing formula will aid in shifting the balance of power back in the direction of the producer.
His designation was seen as a victory for Hizbullah, shifting the balance of power in Lebanon to its regional allies Syria and Iran.