Shin Bet

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Shin BetSherut Ha-Bitachon (Security Service, Israel)
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The Israeli intelligence community, which prides itself in its cybersecurity prowess, was "closely monitoring both the handlers abroad and people in Israel and Judea and Samaria who expressed willingness to cooperate," says the Shin Bet, adding that the Iranian scheme had been "identified and monitored" by Israel from "the outset" of the operation.
The former energy minister stands accused of revealing information connected to Israel's energy market and security sites, including intelligence on buildings, and officials in political and security organizations, Shin Bet said.
"An investigation by the Shin Bet and the police found that Segev was recruited and acted as an agent on behalf of Iranian intelligence," it noted in a statement.
The leader of the cell was a 29-year-old computer science student named Muhammad Maharma from Hebron, but he received his directions from an Iranian operative in South Africa, the Times of Israel reported, citing Shin Bet, as saying.
The judges continued "Shin Bet needs to take a good look at itself so that interrogation techniques, which do indeed sometimes uncover dangerous acts of terrorism, aren't also liable to induce innocent people to admit to acts that they did not commit- There is tangible concern that the defendant was arrested and spent two years in detention over no fault of his own."
Shin Bet also said a Gazan recruited by Hezbollah through Facebook recruited three Palestinians from the West Bank who had started to train and plan attacks.
Riyadh/occupied Al-Quds, Jumada I 04, 1436, February 23, 2015, SPA -- Eleven members of the Islamist Hamas movement have been arrested in the West Bank for planning attacks against Israelis, the Israeli internal security organization Shin Bet reported Monday.
The pair were hiding out in a Hebron house and killed when gunfire erupted during an operation by the Shin Bet internal security services and the army's anti-terror unit.
ISRAEL'S Shin Bet security service said it had thwarted a Hamas coup attempt in the West Bank aimed at toppling Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.
He was commenting on a report published by the "Jerusalem Post" claiming that the Israel's intelligence agency Shin Bet had collected information disclosed by a Hamas cell commander hinting that Hamas members had been trained in Malaysia as part of their preparations against the Israeli army.