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SHITASociety of High Technology in Agriculture
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Shita anticipates that Nigel will eventually act as a digital mind with the potential to extend its users' own ways of thinking - enabled by Nigel reasoning and viewing reality in the same way as its users.
These facts are interesting from an ayurvedic point of view, since sweet and bitter tastes are considered "cold" (shita virya) in Ayurveda, while salty and sour are regarded as "hot" (ushna virya).
Shita began working on his single-algorithm, federated approach to artificial intelligence in 2005, and Kimera Systems was formally incorporated in 2012.
Scholars and journalists who were sympathetic to political Islamism interpreted the Iranian Revolution as the natural development of the role of the Iranian 'ulama since the Tobacco Revolt in 1890 (Shita, al-Thawra al-Iraniyya: Al-Sira' and al-Thawra al-Iraniyya: Al-Judhur, Huwaidi, Iran and al-'Arab).
"Many TV stations broadcast intolerant views regarding minority groups, such as the gay community, and religious sects like Ahmadiyya" (an Islamic movement that was condemned as heresy by Islamist ulema), says Shita Laksmi, a leading media activist with the Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative.
The terrorists, who are imprisoned in the Shita prison in northern Israel, had dug a tunnel four meters (13 feet) in length from the bathroom and planned to escape through it.
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn epitomizes the GERD as "a real expression of the nation's commitment to a project which demonstrates the determination of the people and the government to win the war against poverty whatever the cost." In deed, Ethiopians have committed themselves that wails of indignity, famine and war will not wither their eyes along the banks of the tributaries of the Blue Nile, Barro-Akobo and Tekezze including various tributaries Wanqa, Bashilo , Walaqa , Wanchet , Jamma , Muger , Guder , Agwel, Nedi, Didessa, Dabus, Handassa, Tul, Abaya, Sade, Tammi, Cha, Shita, Suha, Muga, Temcha, Bachat, Katlan, Jiba, Chamoga, Weter and the Beles.
Nichibei kowa to 'Tetsuwan Atomu': Tezuka Osamu wa naze 'Atomu' wo buso kaijo shita ka [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [The US-Japan peace treaty and Tetsuwan Atomu: why did Tezuka Osamu disarm 'Atomu'?].
The number of hits she's received on the site has surpassed those of her male colleagues by far with a record breaking five million views of her latest song "Qissat Shita" (Winter Story) in the first week of its release.
Archive o riyo shita naiyo bunseki [What did television convey about nuclear power for the past fifty years?: The content analysis of the NHK archive].