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Early bird shoppers said they shop at this time for speed and ease.
In this new business model, the primary goal is to engage shoppers to become a valuable asset to the business.
John Schoen, general manager of the market, said shoppers get a 40 percent to 70 percent discount on everything they buy.
The report offers a particular focus on the increasingly important role of mobile commerce in targeting shoppers in food, drink and grocery.
Identify key motivators for shoppers to interact with grocery brands and retailers on social networks.
Shoppers pay 10 percent of an item's value, then have 60 days to pay it off, with no finance charge.
Determine awareness, usage and appeal of different mobile shopper marketing initiatives among food, drink and grocery shoppers; and identify where opportunities for growth lie for your business.
Engaging Food Shoppers Before the Store: The Topline
While some shoppers turned around after speaking with striking workers, others continued undeterred.
While the use of digital marketing in targeting shoppers of food, drink and grocery remains in its relative infancy, the increasing emergence of technologies and growing attention from leading FMCGs are pushing this complicated topic up the category development agenda.
The ``Shhh, Private Sale'' promotion at Bloomingdale's offers 20 percent off to shoppers spending $500 or more.
com/research/cd7290/shopper_marketing) has announced the addition of the "Shopper Marketing Trends 2010: A Guide to Shopper Trends and Shopper Marketing Initiatives in UK Food and Grocery" report to their offering.