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SHOBOMShore Bombardment
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The modern corvette's ability to perform the anti-submarine mission, in addition to shore bombardment, surface target prosecution and air defence, underlines the sheer flexibility of these small ships.
It's not there for prolonged shore bombardment or that type of thing, right?
We were involved in shore bombardment supporting the Army and the Marines at Saipan.
CAN be adapted to take 155mm shore bombardment gun or cruise missile launcher.
ground attacks by carrier-based aircraft, shore bombardment by battleships, and long-range strikes by Tomahawk cruise missiles.
Its tasks included convoy and fleet protection, support for amphibious landings, shore bombardment and "trainbusting.
Essentially, the "battles" listed include: major and minor fleet engagements, ship-to-ship actions, blockade, convoy protection, shore bombardments, amphibious landings, invasions, raids, anti-slavery and piracy enforcement, punitive expeditions against recalcitrant locals, and land operations involving naval contingents.
As the ship's navigating officer, he was on the bridge not only for the missile attack but also during Glamorgan's numerous shore bombardments and replenishments.
Australian warships were involved in occasional shore bombardments.
The tin cans hunted German U-Boats and Japanese submarines, rescued downed navy pilots from the sea, lent their five-inch guns to shore bombardments, served as fast-moving anti-aircraft gun platforms in defense of capital ships, and even delivered fuel and supplies in emergencies.