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SATSStandard Attainment Tests (UK Education)
SATSSingapore Airport Terminal Services Ltd.
SATSStandard Army Training System
SATSShuttle Avionics Test System (US NASA)
SATSSouth African Theological Seminary
SATSStandard Automotive Tool Set (US DoD)
SATSSmall Applications Technology Satellite (US NASA)
SATSSmall Arms Training Simulator
SATSSmall Aircraft Transportation Systems
SATSSouth African Transport Services
SATSShort Airfield for Tactical Support
SATSSupply Asset Tracking System
SATSStulz Air Technology Systems, Inc. (Frederick, MD; heating and cooling products)
SATSSaturday at the Sea
SATSSouth American Theological Seminary
SATSShort Arm Thumb Spica (cast immobilizing thumb and wrist, extending to just below elbow)
SATSSupply Access Terminal System
SATSSouthwest Asia Transmission System
SATSStation Accommodation Test Set
SATSStandard Assets Tracking System
SATSSpecial Access Tracking System
SATSStandardized Automated Testing System
SATSStudent Awaiting Training Status (Air Force)
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For the first month, the thumb is immobilized with a short arm thumb spica cast or splint, and patients can begin immediate range of motion exercises of the IP joint.
Go to the doctor a few days later and get diagnosed with a non-displaced scaphoid fracture which has a recommended treatment of six weeks with a long arm thumb spica cast, followed by a short arm thumb spica cast for an additional six weeks.
These fractures are well vascularized and Prosser and colleagues (21) have demonstrated rapid healing in 4 to 6 weeks in a short arm thumb spica cast.