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SWIRShort Wave Infrared (aka Short Wavelength Infrared)
SWIRShort Wavelength Infrared (aka Short Wave Infrared)
SWIRShort Wave Infrared Radiometer
SWIRSo Wrong, It's Right
SWIRSoftware Inspection Report
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Limited tenders are invited for short wavelength infrared camera with image processor
For market sizing, the report includes IR thermography equipment both handheld and portable, as well as stationary thermography camera modules like thermal cameras, spot thermal cameras, security cameras, voyagers, thermal monocular, thermal rifle scopes, thermal binocular, and all other cameras working on short wavelength infrared (SWIR), mid wavelength infrared (MWIR) and long wavelength infrared (LWIR) detectors, both cooled and uncooled.
High-power infrared from iNOEX The pipe is crosslinked immediately after it emerges from the extruder head by heating it with high-power short wavelength infrared radiation.
Limited tenders are invited for Supply of short wavelength infrared camera with image processor
Contract Awarded for Benchtop short wavelength infrared (swir) hyperspectral imager (his)