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SRRSemi-Rural Residential (zoning; various locations)
SRRShaw River Resources (Australia)
SRRSearch and Rescue Region (US DoD)
SRRStout Risius Ross (various locations)
SRRSingle Ring Recovery
SRRShaped Round Robin
SRRSelf Reception Request
SRRSystem Requirements Review
SRRShaped Round Robin (queuing protocol for Cisco routers)
SRRSpecial Reconnaissance Regiment (British Army)
SRRStatus Report Request
SRRSplit Ring Resonator
SRRShort-Range Radar
SRRSleeping Respiratory Rate
SRRSingle Ring Resonator
SRRSpace Resources Roundtable (est. 2001; Colorado)
SRRSecurity Readiness Review
SRRSquare Route Rally (motorcycle rally; Thurmont, MD)
SRRSoftware Requirements Review
SRRSavannah River Remediation
SRRSystem Requirement Review
SRRSeries Resonant Rectifier
SRRSociété Réunionnaise du Radiotéléphone (French mobile phone company)
SRRSociété des Régates Rochelaises (French: Regatta Society Rochelaise; France)
SRRSeed Replacement Rate (India)
SRRSubstitute Remote Request
SRRShort Range Radio
SRRSystem Readiness Review
SRRSerially Reusable Resource
SRRStade Rouennais Rugby (French: Rouen Rugby Stadium; Rouen, France)
SRRSeismic Research Review (geology)
SRRSpruce Run Reservoir (New Jersey)
SRRShuttle Requirements Review (US NASA)
SRRScout Ranger Regiment
SRRStrict Round-Robin
SRRSpecial Rate Request
SRRState Rapid Response (Wisconsin)
SRRSignal to Reverberation Ratio
SRRSoftware Readiness Review
SRRSingle Ring Recovery (Protocol)
SRRSimpsons Road Rage (game)
SRRSun Rock Retreat (gaming, World of Warcraft city)
SRRSecond Round Review
SRRSchéma Régional de La Recherche (French: Schematic Regional Research)
SRRSite Readiness Review
SRRSubmission Review Record
SRRShipment Readiness Review
SRRStandardized Relative Risk
SRRSecurity Requirements Review
SRRSite Recommendation Report (DOE)
SRRSanta Rita Runners (Italy)
SRRShipment Request Register
SRRStraight Run Residue (refinery)
SRRSpecific Regulatory Requirement
SRRSilent Sustained Reading
SRRStock Record Requirements
SRRSales Return Report
SRRService Routing Register (GSM network terminology)
SRRSchedule Result Request (NASA)
SRRSatellite Reconnaissance Radio
SRRState Registered Radiographer (Council for the Professions Supplementary to Medicine, UK)
SRRSupport Requirements Record
SRRSpecial Reimbursement Rate
SRRSchool Repair and Renovation
SRRSupplier Readiness Review
SRRSubmittal Review Record
SRRSurvivability, Reconstitution & Recovery
SRRSuperplus Round Robin
SRRStress-Response Relationship
SRRSpray Reroute
SRRSlack Rope Relay
SRRShared Risk and Reward
SRRScrap, Repair and Rework
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It can, however, provide short-range radar imagery that we can confirm with products gathered from other sources.
The smallest member of the DS range is equipped with a system called Active City Braking that uses a short-range radar to automatically bring the car to a stop if it detects that a collision is imminent.
There are two short-range radar sensors in the front bumper and in the sides of the rear bumper.
These new standards were adopted in January 2005 to permit the use of short-range radar devices in motor vehicles.
All radio frequencies are already used, so the challenge was to find a way to enable short-range radar devices to operate in existing frequency bands without interfering with other vital signals.
The Ground Master 60 is a short-range radar (80 km) unique on the market, benefiting from Thales extensive expertise in terms of air surveillance radar and weapon system coordination.
Its successor is already known, the CEPT suggesting that the 79 GHz frequency band would be most appropriate for short-range radar systems for cars.
ACR employs a retractor with an electric motor that is activated based on measures for various inputs, ranging from ABS to VSC to short-range radar (as can be used for automatic cruise control).
The exploitation of millimeter-wave operating frequencies allows the short-range radar designer several advantages:
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