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STASSuperman the Animated Seires
STASSt. Thomas Aquinas Seminary (Catholic religion)
STASShort Term Analysis Services
STASSafe To Arm Signal
STASShort-Term Advertising Strength (Denmark)
STASSpace Transportation Architecture Studies (US NASA)
STASStandard de Stat (State Standard; Romania)
STASSporadic Testicular Agenesis Syndrome
STASshort-term air supply
STASSubmarine Towed Array Sonar
STASShort Term Analysis Study
STASSouthwest Texas Aerostat System
STASSubmarine Towed Array System
STASStrategic Transportation Analysis System
STASStatistical Toll Analysis System
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THE BEST WAY FOR ME to comment on comparisons between my own estimates of Short-Term Advertising Strength (STAS) and estimates derived from BehaviorScan - estimates that appeared in the Journal of Advertising Research in the issues of July/August and September/October 1997 - is to describe as clearly as I can the design of my own research.
His intent is to do no less for advertising than what scanner data did for promotions in the 1980s - thus the name Short-Term Advertising Strength.
After I had written Advertising Reach and Frequency, but before its publication in 1995, John Jones published the fruits of his analysis of Nielsen Household Panel data and spelled out the meaning of STAS (Short-Term Advertising Strength).
At rsc, we noted that Jones' Short-Term Advertising Strength (STAS) analyses - as well as his view that short-term effects are a necessary precursor of more long-term effects - supported many of our findings based on ARS Persuasion[R] data.