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STDLStuendlich (German: hourly)
STDLSiemens Transmission and Distribution Limited (UK)
STDLStochastic Tapped-Delay Line
STDLSubmarine Tactical Data Link
STDLSatellite Tactical Data Link
STDLStructured Test Description Language (domain-specific testing language used to auto-generate unit test code)
STDLShort-Term Disability Leave
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But with the advent of light-duty and other return-to-work programs that can be applied to both workers' compensation and other short-term disability leaves, all that is changing.
Also, between 50% and 70% of employee medical leaves under FMLA's provision for employees to take time off for their own medical condition may also qualify for short-term disability leaves, according to UnumProvident Corp.
Employees on short-term disability leaves don't stay out of work as long if their disability claims to insurers are reported quickly, according to a study by Cigna Group Insurance.
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