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STIPSystems Thinking in Practice (course; UK)
STIPState Transportation Improvement Program
STIPShort-Term Incentive Plan
STIPStatewide Transportation Improvement Program
STIPScience, Technology and Innovation Policy (various schools)
STIPState Transportation Improvement Plan
STIPShort-Term Investment Pool (various organizations)
STIPScientific and Technical Information Program (US DoD program for managing scientific and engineering data)
STIPStand-In Processing
STIPSecurity Technology Integration Program
STIPSmall Terminal Interoperability Platform
STIPShore Tilbe Irwin+Partners (architecture firm; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
STIPShipboard Tactical Intelligence Processing
STIPSensor Technology Insertion Program
STIPSecure Telecommunications Implementation Plan
STIPShort Term Interest Performance
STIPSummer Teacher Internship Program
STIPSecondary Turbo Inlet Pressure
STIPStrategic-Tactical Interface Prototype (Digital Strategic Tactical Gateway)
STIPStable Platform and Housing Technology Infusion Project
STIPSummer Transportation Institute Program (education; US DOT)
STIPSyndicat Territorial des Instituteurs et Institutrices Publics de Polynésie (French: Territorial Union of Public School Teachers in Polynesia)
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Short-term incentive plan tied to "increases in pretax profits," which is based on pre-established criteria.
His total package is also thought to include a bonus paid under a separate short-term incentive plan.
Generally, the results show a shift away from long-term incentives to include more focus on short-term incentive plans; short-term incentive plan performance measures shifted to profit and cash flow from capital efficiency; long-term incentive plan performance measures shifted to capital efficiency, cash flow and total shareholder return; and companies are increasing their emphasis on time-vested restricted stock and restricted stock units.
The Compensation Planning for 2016 survey collected data on pay increases, pay-for-performance patterns, short-term incentive plans, and attraction and retention programs from 205 organizations in the U.
Long-term incentive plans (LTIPs) often use relative measures and are more convenient to report than short-term incentive plans (STIPs), which almost always use key, often sensitive, financial goals to maintain a competitive advantage.
Short-Term Incentive Plans findings include the following:
For example, the value of new business is an excellent metric to track the value contribution from sales in short-term incentive plans.
First, there are short-term incentive plans linked to pre-set targets.
Short-term incentive plans enhance executive performance, but very little is revealed to investors about them, according to new research by James Reda and Associates LLC.
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