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STMMSelf Tuning Memory Manager
STMMShort-Term Money Market
STMMSelf Tuning Memory Manager (database management)
STMMSouth Texas Money Management, Ltd. (San Antonio, TX)
STMMScience and Technology Ministers' Meeting
STMMShort-Term Motor Memory
STMMSpatio-Temporal Morphable Model
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In a sign that the gradual tightening thus far has started to bite, China's benchmark short-term money market rate has spiked 194 basis points, heading for its biggest single-day rise on record.
short-term money market, especially after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
Central bank governor, Svein Gjedrem said, 'The measures aim to boost activity in the short-term money market, enhance transparency and accessibility in interest rate determination and reduce money market premiums.
Indeed Malaysia has its Commodity Murabaha Program (CMP), which is managed by Bank Negara and the Securities Commission and serves as an effective short-term money market.
8bn) into money markets - the 15th straight business day that the Japanese central bank has poured money into the short-term money market as part of efforts by the world's central banks to ensure a flow of cash vital to the financial system.
One suggestion is that HBOS had reportedly been offering unusually generous rates for short-term money market funds the week before.
The aim of liquidity policy is to ensure that banks always have sufficient deposits in Norges Bank so that short-term money market rates remain just above the interest rate on banks' deposits in Norges Bank.
As the overnight rate approaches the zero bound, other short-term money market rates are also likely to fall toward zero as investors begin to extend the maturity of their investment portfolio in search of higher yields.
Just as insurance companies and mutual societies were party to fueling eighteenth and early nineteenth-century London's commerce and short-term money market, insurance perseveres as an essential aspect of the invisible commerce which sustains London's dominance in today's sophisticated system of global finance.
11, the BOJ decided to scrap the policy of guiding the key short-term money market rate to near zero and raise the target for unsecured overnight call money rate to around 0.
25%, ending its 18-month policy of driving the key short-term money market rate to essentially zero.
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