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STLTShort-Term and Long-Term (economics; exchange rates)
STLTStarskij Lieutenant (Russian land forces)
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The downgrade reflects the revised linkage cited in Fitch's Global Bank Criteria between short-term and long-term deposit ratings for certain rating levels.
When you survey the complete time course of a short-term and long-term relationship - from the moment you meet someone until the moment the relationship is over for good - it takes a while for the differences in short-term and long-term relationships to emerge.
analysis of the financial interests of short-term and long-term
Short-term and long-term pay and display parking would also apply the same time.
NIEHS grantee Patricia Burlier and colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health performed a meta-analysis of the scientific literature to investigate the effect of short-term and long-term breastfeeding on the risk of childhood ALL and AML.
As a result of the study, Cigna said it will offer discounts of 3% to 7% for employers who purchase short-term and long-term disability coverages in connection with medical coverage.
"Internally-generated funds satisfy most of our cash needs, but we do borrow both short-term and long-term through a bank credit facility." So, he keeps a close watch on working capital, to make sure that receivables, inventories and payables are under control.
If short-term and long-term interest rates always moved together, then the distinction between these rates would be unimportant.
Paying attention to trust, internalization of core values and rewarding of professional growth will help accomplish both short-term and long-term results and successes.
With the creation of the CJIS, the FBI identified several short-term and long-term goals.
In the March 1991 JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, Crow reports evidence that short-term and long-term memory involve excitation of two different light-receptor cells in the eyes of H.
A standard view of the determination of long-term interest rates is that arbitrage between short-term and long-term debt instruments should equalize expected returns over common holding periods, except possibly for risk premiums.