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SRBMShort-Range Ballistic Missile
SRBMSemimartingale Reflecting Brownian Motion (mathematics)
SRBMSix-Rowed Blue Malting (barley; USDA designation)
SRBMStochastic Reduced Basis Method
SRBMSternum Red Bone Marrow
SRBMSolubilized Rat Brain Cell Membranes (microbiology)
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All three countries discussed in this report have short-range ballistic missiles.
During the last stint of Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan test-fired its first ballistic missile 'Ghauri' on April 6, 1998 and during this tenure, a highly sophisticated nuclear capable, multi- tube tactical short-range ballistic missile 'Nasr' was test-fired giving an edge over adversaries.
BRUSSELS (TAP)- An unguided short-range ballistic missile was fired inside Syria on Wednesday, following similar launches last week, a NATO official said on Thursday.
BRITAIN voiced renewed concern over Iran's military ambitions yesterday, after Tehran claimed it had successfully test-fired an upgraded version of its short-range ballistic missile.
Pakistan: Pakistan s military on Tuesday said it had successfully test-fired a newly developed short-range ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
In 2006, the Navy and MDA successfully intercepted a short-range ballistic missile in the terminal phase with a modified SM-2 Block IV missile.
Navy ship, simultaneously intercepted and destroyed two short-range ballistic missile targets in space, Nov.
Vice Defense Minister Takemasa Moriya expressed concern Monday over North Korea's developing a new type of short-range ballistic missile and said Japan will gather and analyze information on the move.
Globes, an Israeli financial newspaper, reported this week that the Senate Appropriations Committee approved funding for the short-range ballistic missile defense system.
India has also tested a short-range ballistic missile, Prithvi, or Earth, which can target Pakistani cities within 95 miles.
In border province of Najran, the army and popular forces fired a short-range ballistic missile on Saudi military Wajab camp.
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