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When, in February 1942, VOA needed to supplement its BBC relay transmissions with direct short-wave broadcasts, it had to lease privately owned transmitters to relay the New York produced programs.
Not counting Short-Wave News, New York Education Law Report, and Pennsylvania Education Law Report, all growth has been by acquisition.
HyMap[TM] is a 128 spectral band airborne imaging spectrometer that scans a swath 3 to 5 km wide to provide continuous spectral coverage in the visible to short-wave infrared region (400-2500 nm).
However, the Latvian short-wave service will continue, while personnel for the Japanese service will be cut back from four to two to handle the Internet.
JOHN Sullivan (Jim Caviezel) has a chance to alter history when he finds he can talk to his dead father Frank (Dennis Quaid) via an old short-wave radio.
In the short-wave infrared region (1000 nm to 2500 nm), the use of the detector-based scale reduces the uncertainties in the spectral irradiance by a factor of 5 % to 0.
The bar-code scanning, data collection and printing company tell us their new short-wave radio connector does away with the need for troublesome and potentially hazardous cable linking.
The combination of short-wave electric infrared and the forced-air feature provide the high heat source required to quickly vaporize the water molecules and the air-flow essential to separate the water vapor from the sand surface.
In the isolated West Virginia mountains, radio astronomers could largely escape interference from short-wave radio, military radar, aircraft communications, and television transmissions.
Before, communications with the outside world was limited to short-wave radio.
World War II, the advent of the atomic bomb and even the Chinese threat are as unreal and distant to the boy as the old silent films he watches and short-wave radio broadcasts he listens to.
Contact with outside world limited to short-wave radio and occasional ship deliveries.