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Since short-wave range is not in the focus of commercial interest, there is a lack of comprehensive data about spectrum usage and electromagnetic noise level in Estonia.
When, in February 1942, VOA needed to supplement its BBC relay transmissions with direct short-wave broadcasts, it had to lease privately owned transmitters to relay the New York produced programs.
However, their introduction into the UK has been delayed by the Radio Communications Agency, who believe that using this particular frequency raises interference issues with current radio users, including short-wave radio enthusiasts and radio astronomers.
Launched from his mother's kitchen table, International Short-Wave News peaked at a paid subscription level of about 30, and more than 20 years passed before Whitaker returned to newsletters.
Mr Piggot was aware that green leaves and the iron oxides in iron ore dust have distinctive spectral signatures in the visible to short-wave infrared region of the spectrum.
At first, young Rob longs for his father, trying to find him on the airwaves by listening to late-night short-wave radio.
Sometimes it was new music, sometimes scratchy short-wave radio simulations, sometimes nature sounds and an endless assortment of bells, whistles, and electronic contortions.
One lucky winner will receive this world-band Roberts Radio, complete with a carry pouch and a BBC World Service guide to year-round, short-wave frequencies, worth 65 [pounds sterling].
For applications requiring an exposure of short-wave UVB, an optional 290 nm lamp is available.
Radio Vaticana, the Holy See's broadcasting network, has announced it will shut down its short-wave Japanese-language radio service on Saturday.
JOHN Sullivan (Jim Caviezel) has a chance to alter history when he finds he can talk to his dead father Frank (Dennis Quaid) via an old short-wave radio.