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The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is published by Oxford University Press and is available in various formats priced from GBP95.
But what makes this dictionary even more fun than the average Webster's is that - much like its 13-volume granddaddy, the Oxford English Dictionary, whose incredible bulk gives this dictionary its "shorter" quality - the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary adds examples of real-life usage.
The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary includes quotations of these, as well: The f-word draws on work from Joan Didion and Anne Beattie, while the s-word pulls in, perhaps appropriately, Erich Segal (remember "Love Story"?
The latest in a long line of 2002 landmarks, that included an Oscar nomination for Lagaan, and Bombay Dreams hitting the West End, is the word Bollywood being added to the new Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.
The two-volume Shorter Oxford English Dictionary has introduced 3,500 new entries to reflect the modern English language.
A SHEDLOAD of new words including Jedi, Blairite and wedgie have made their way in to the new Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.
Shorter Oxford English Dictionary co-editor Angus Stevenson said it was often a difficult decision to work out just which words were worthy of inclusion.
Lesley Brown's New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is a distinguished lexico-graphical achievement.
AFTER receiving the double volume Shorter Oxford English Dictionary as a wedding present from my wee pal Rab (and they say romance is dead?
Hoad (Oxford, 1986), 50; The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, ed.
It's one of a shedload (large amount) of new words added to the latest edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.
Partridge, however, opposes the slang definition of Grose to the supposed standard English definition of The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, taken from OED.