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sprStrategic Petroleum Reserve
sprSparks (Amtrak station code; Sparks, NV)
sprSurface Plasmon Resonance
sprSaving Private Ryan (movie)
sprSpecialist Registrar (UK doctor who supports a consultant)
sprSociety for Psychical Research
sprSchool Psychology Review (National Association of School Psychologists)
sprSuomen Punainen Risti
sprSite Plan Review
sprScreen Program
sprSequential Probabilistic Resource
sprStandard Cell Place and Route
sprSerial Peripheral Rate
sprSysteme De Production Renault
sprStandard Pixel Run
sprShared Protection Ring
sprStrategic Public Relations (various organizations)
sprSoftware Productivity Research
sprSony Pictures Releasing
sprSociety for Pediatric Radiology
sprSchipper (Dutch)
sprSwiss Poster Research
sprSoftware Problem Report
sprSubscriber Profile Repository (various companies)
sprStop Prisoner Rape
sprSociety for Psychophysiological Research
sprSignal Processor
sprState Preparedness Report (US FEMA)
sprSelf Paced Reading (psycholinguistics)
sprSociety for Psychotherapy Research (behavioral science group)
sprSpecial Purpose Rifle
sprSpill Prevention and Response (various locations)
sprSmall Pressurized Rover
sprSepiapterin Reductase
sprSuperior Peroneal Retinaculum (muscles)
sprSpawning Potential Ratio (fisheries)
sprSpecial Purpose Register
sprShortest Possible Route
sprSpecialist Recruiter (US Navy)
sprSecure Personal Radio
sprSpecial Price Reduction
sprSurgical Pathology Report
sprSix-Port Reflectometer (electrical engineering)
sprStandard Progress Report (various organizations)
sprSingle Ply Roof (construction)
sprStatistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition (workshop)
sprShortest Path Routing
sprSouthern Poetry Review (est. 1958)
sprScott Public Relations (Canoga Park, CA)
sprSpecial Project Report
sprShort Prose Reader (anthology)
sprSmall Particle Reagent
sprSystem Problem Report
sprSelf Piercing Rivet
sprSingle Pedestal Right
sprSingle Point Registration Scheme (India)
sprSpecial Pinch Runner (little league baseball)
sprSpreading Resistance Probe (semiconductors)
sprSociedade Paulista de Radiologia e Diagnóstico por Imagem
sprService Provider Reseller
sprSubpixel Rendering
sprSouth Pacific Region (USACE)
sprSan Pedro, Belize - San Pedro (Airport Code)
sprSingle Point Refueling
sprSystem Performance Report
sprStudent-Produced Response (SAT testing)
sprSandia Pulse Reactor
sprSemiconductor Process Representation
sprSparse Point Representation
sprSmart Plant Review (Intergraph)
sprSingle Package Radio (Skyworks)
sprStaatspunkrott (German band)
sprSyndrome de Pierre Robin (French: Pierre Robin Syndrome)
sprSudden Pressure Relay (ABB Group; gas pressure measurement device)
sprSpecial Problem Report (US FEMA)
sprStrategic Planning Review
sprState Performance Reports
sprSpecial Processing Request
sprSelected Place of Residence
sprService Prévention des Risques (French: Service Risk Prevention)
sprSpecial Production Racing (motorcycle model)
sprSystem Program Review
sprStatement of Procedural Rules (IRB)
sprSam Park Revue (stage comedy troupe)
sprSingle Point of Reference
sprSHARP Proactive Routing Protocol
sprSeconds Per Rotation
sprSpace Power Reactor
sprSoftware Product Report
sprSecure-Path Routing
sprService Performance Review
sprSponsor's Program Review
sprSpecial Requisition
sprSpecific Physiological Response (polygraphy)
sprSecond Parent Rider (life insurance)
sprSystem Post-deployment Review
sprSalient Pole Rotor
sprSequential Probabilistic Resource (resource reservation strategy)
sprSalvage Point Recording
sprSecretarial Performance/Program Review
sprStowage Problem Report
sprSistema de Proteção Contra Riscos Financeiros (Brasil)
sprSecure Packet Radio
sprSynchronous Persistent Repetition
sprSchools and Programmes Register (Ghana)
sprService des Programmes et du Réseau (French: Programs and Services Network)
sprSoftware Portability Review
sprSystem Performance Requirement(s)
sprSystems Programming Request
sprSpecial Program Requirement/Review
References in classic literature ?
Being once safe, he left his horse at a livery stable in order not to arouse suspicion, and tranquilly continued his journey on the canal-boats, which conveyed him by easy stages to Dort, pursuing their way under skilful guidance by the shortest possible routes through the windings of the river, which held in its watery embrace so many enchanting little islands, edged with willows and rushes, and abounding in luxurious vegetation, whereon flocks of fat sheep browsed in peaceful sleepiness.
After automatic doffing on the Zinser 670 RoWeMat roving frame and transfer of the roving bobbins into flexibly configurable roving bobbin transport systems, the roving bobbins are specifically fed to the ring spinning machines by the shortest possible route.
After taking off from Gothenburg's Landvetter Airport, the aircraft gains altitude as quickly as the aircraft type allows, up to cruising altitude, upon reaching cruising altitude, the aircraft then takes the shortest possible route at optimal speed to Stockholm Arlanda Airport.
An army of "pickers" will gather the components of about 10 customers' orders at a time, guided by a hand-held "satnav" device that displays what is to be collected and the shortest possible route around the one million square feet of warehouse.
The new research, to appear in Physical Review E, shows that when there aren't a lot of targets, cells do a decent job of finding the shortest possible route.
Moreover, the project would provide an outlet to the land-locked Central Asian Republics (CARs) through a shortest possible route for the rest of the world.
Bridge 1: The Shortest Bridge (all works 2010) diagrams the shortest possible route between Seoul and New York, a trajectory that runs over the Arctic and other territories and literally cuts a path through buildings and mountains.
The insects learn to fly the shortest possible route between flowers discovered in random order.
Desire lines" themselves are literally paths created by the human footfall, usually in an attempt to take the shortest possible route, which means that Rune Lindbaek and the Idjut Boys are pulling from every musical corner to create a direct line to relaxing times, doing exactly what they want without regard for anything else.
Drivers can also make internet searches for places or services - and then drive there using the shortest possible route.
Recently, the new major gas pipeline was laid and their experts chose the shortest possible route across the Towy floodplain, at far less cost.
If readers care to look at a local map, they might try to figure out how such a motorway will connect Lavernock Point with the M4, using the shortest possible route and avoiding human settlement if possible.