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SWRStanding Wave Ratio (radio term)
SWRSouth Western Railway (India)
SWRSüdwestrundfunk (Southern German Radio Station)
SWRShe Wants Revenge (band)
SWRSoil Water Retention (agriculture)
SWRShortwave Radiation (energy)
SWRShoreham Wading River
SWRShort-Wave Radio
SWRSoftware Requirements
SWRSafe Withdrawal Rate (financial portfolio management)
SWRSteel Wire Rope (engineering term for steel cable)
SWRSwiss International Airlines (ICAO code)
SWRSwift Water Rescue
SWRSmall Works Roster (government contracting pool)
SWRSouthwestern Region (National Speleological Society)
SWRScarlet Weather Rhapsody (game)
SWRSecondary Water Resistance
SWRShe Who Remembers
SWRSurface Wave Radar
SWRSemi-Wind Resistive
SWRSteve W. Rabe (founder of SWR Sound Corporation)
SWRSemiconductor Wafer Representation
SWRStar Wars Remake
SWRStanding Wave Reflectometer
SWRResidual Water Saturation (petroleum engineering)
SWRStandard Warranty Replacement
SWRSouth West Riders (motorcycle club; various locations)
SWRSwiss Air Transport Company Ltd
SWRSine Wave Response
SWRStep-Wise Regression
SWRScheduler Work Area (IBM)
SWRSpecial Water Reactor
SWRSelected Web Resource
SWRStandford Wireless Research
SWRSurface Water Retention
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Along with absorbing heat (long-wave radiation) emitted to space from Earth's atmosphere, atmospheric methane also absorbs solar energy, or shortwave radiation, in a process known as radiative forcing, and converts that energy into heat; this combination makes methane about 84 times more potent at warming the atmosphere than carbon dioxide in the first two decades after it is released.
During daytime, vertical walls of the urban street canyon reflect or absorb shortwave radiation and decrease the effective albedo by the multiple reflection of this radiation between the canyon surfaces, the urban surfaces' albedo going down by 10% as compared with the rural surfaces (Frey & Parlow, 2009; Oke T.
As illustrated by Figure 5, the temporal and spatial variation of shortwave radiation flux densities ([K.sub.i]) were much greater than that of longwave flux densities (L;).
The relatively higher soil moisture at the soil surface before about day 5 caused a lower soil albedo a (it had a negative relation with the surface water content in (12)); this, in turn, resulted in a smaller reflection of shortwave radiation which caused the higher shortwave [R.sub.ns] and net radiations [R.sub.n].
Led by the destructive mechanisms of moisture, heat, shortwave radiation and oxidizing agents, these relationships can trigger events between the indoor environment and materials of construction.
As the absorbed shortwave radiation is different for sunlit and shaded leaves, different leaf temperatures were calculated for these leaves.
Turbulent fluxes in the ocean depend on factors such as the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, shortwave radiation from the sun, longwave radiation emanating from the Earth, wind speeds above the ocean, and the temperature difference between air and water.
The application chapters in Wilson and Gallant (2000a) describe several such applications using slope, curvatures, contributing area, topographic wetness index (TWI; also called compound topographic index, CTI), incoming shortwave radiation, net radiation, Prescott index, stream power index, relative elevation and elevation percentile.
Frost flowers formed and grew overnight in the absence of shortwave radiation, while the net longwave radiation was negative and dominated the net all-wave radiation balance at the surface.
Meteorological variables such as temperature at 2 meters (T2), shortwave radiation upward on top of the atmosphere (SWUPT), shortwave radiation downward at the bottom (SWDNB), and air quality variables such as [PM.sub.10] were studied.
While the atmosphere and car windows are relatively transparent to the sun's shortwave radiation and warmed little, the energy can heat objects, the study found, adding that a dark dashboard or seat can reach 180 to over 200 degrees.