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It'll be the same size as past issues of Shotgun News, but there will be lots of changes.
A&J Arms Booksellers, (520) 512-1065,, Blue Book Publications, (952) 854-5229,, Century International Arms, (561) 998-1997,, Gun List, (800) 258-0929,, Krause Publications, (715) 445-2214,, Ray Riling Arms Books Co., (215) 438-2456,, Shotgun News, (800) 345-692,, Small Arms Review (207) 683-295,, Stoeger Publishing Co., (877) GUN-BOOK,
This set is available from many Shotgun News advertisers for roughly $125.
I will not allow Shotgun News or Gun List in my store.
The largest circulation "classified," Shotgun News, is on sale.
I bought a Ruger 22/45, an SKS (from the then Shotgun News) and of all things a Taurus Tracker in .44 Magnum, a gun I've since sold and regretted doing so dearly.
Shotgun News recently received a Range Officer for test and evaluation.
SHOTGUN NEWS PUBLISHER BOB HUNNICUTT HAD A LOT OF "stuff," including historical firearms, optics, ammo, accessories, books ...
Publications like Shotgun News and Gun List do not have very good prices anyway.
A couple weeks after my article, "The Searcher," appeared a similar piece was found in Shotgun News. My fellow gun writer Mike Venturino also appreciates .44 Specials and wrote an article in much the same vein as my piece.
It was like Christmas day when we would find an advertisement in the Shotgun News telling us about the discovery of a treasure of new, unused World War II .45 parts in a dark corner of a warehouse in Whacky Sack, England and the parts were going to be offered to gunsmiths at pennies on the dollar.
You're holding Firearms News, the future of Shotgun News magazine.