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SNTSafer Neighbourhood Team (UK)
SNTSocial Norms Theory (psychology)
SNTSign-on Table
SNTSpecial Needs Trust (aka Supplemental Needs Trust; estate planning)
SNTSupplemental Needs Trust (aka Special Needs Trust; estate planning)
SNTScalable Network Technologies, Inc.
SNTSannat (postal locality, Malta)
SNTSerial Number Tracking
SNTSimplified Needs Test
SNTSurgical Navigation Technologies (Medtronic)
SNTSerum Neutralization Test
SNTSakhalin Neftegas Technology (Russia)
SNTSensitive Nuclear Technology
SNTSystem Network Test
SNTSistema Nacional de Telecomunicações (Portuguese: National Telecommunications System; Brazil)
SNTSo Not True
SNTSchmidt-Newtonian Telescope (coated-lens Newtonian telescope)
SNTShow, Not Tell (also seen as S/NT)
SNTSoft, Non-Tender
SNTSeasonal Normal Temperature
SNTStudent Nurse Technician
SNTShip'n Track
SNTSustainable Now Technologies (California)
SNTSurvivable Network Technology
SNTSoftair National Team (airsoft club; France)
SNTSignaling Network Test
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Feinstein's choice, like that of the photographers profiled, is to show, not tell.
In their open letter, the group said: "If we are serious about communicating the benefits of the Union, then we have to show, not tell.
We needed to show, not tell, our audiences that we have the foresight, skill, and imagination to take clients to where they need to be years down the road.
And, again, she says, that is really the point of Any Man : to show, not tell. To show the violence of objectification; the physical and psychological violence of assault; the violence of not being believed.
Writers are often told to "show, not tell" when writing great stories, and the same holds true for leaders.
In a rapid-fire, feed-based context in which audio often is not an option, communicating a story in the first few seconds (using headlines and self-explanatory images to show, not tell) will be part of an emerging video aesthetic.
The key to social media content is to show, not tell. Audiences prefer engaging with visual content over text; did you know that tweets with image links get an engagement rate 200 percent higher than those with just 140 characters?
While the film undoubtedly informs the audience of the Biafran War, the challenge it falls short of is what is often taught in storytelling as "Show, not tell".
Lees insisted that people should write what they have done instead of who they are, which means they should 'show, not tell'.
One is 'show, not tell.' They did not name the other nine.
It's a bit like scriptwriting, Fernando says, you must show, not tell. Follow her tips for online success: Choose a username, your online pseudonym.
If you say, "Our company stands for innovation," your customer will say in return, "I'll be the judge of that." Branding is strategy, and just like any other important corporate strategy, companies should show, not tell.