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ShtokShtokavian (linguistics)
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2) in accordance with the ethnic principle, all Balkan territories settled by the Orthodox South-Slavic population who spoke the Shtokavian ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (45) dialect were considered to belong to the Serbian ethnic space and seen as part of the Slavonic-Serbian state.
He posited that all of the South-Slavic population who spoke the Shtokavian, Kajkavian, and Chakavian dialects, regardless of religion, belonged to the Serbian nation.
The Karlovci Metropolitan thought that only the Orthodox Christian population of the South-Slavs who spoke only the Shtokavian dialect belonged to the genuine ethnic-language-based Serbdom.
In conclusion, Stratimirovic's religion-language-based [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] would include the entire South-Slavic population whose mother tongue was the Shtokavian dialect and the national religion, Christian Orthodoxy.
Finally, Stratimirovic's idea on the creation of the autonomous religion-language-based Orthodox Shtokavian Slavonic-Serbian Grand Duchy under the Russian protectorate and only de iure within the Ottoman Empire significantly influenced Serbian political thought in the very near future:
3) Stratimirovic's concept of the determination of the Serbian nation, according to the Shtokavian dialect, was accepted by the leading Serbian ideologue of the "language-based Serbian nation" model--Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic in his ideological article "Serbs All and Everywhere" ("[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]"), written in 1836 and published in 1849.
4) Stratimirovic's notion of a politically united Serbian nation, created from the territories of both the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire within the single borders of a national state, inspired the pivotal Serbian nineteenth-century politician Ilija Garasanin who in 1844 launched the idea of a politically united "language-based Serbian nation" of the Shtokavian dialect in his political-ideological work Nacertanije (Havepmauuje-Draft).
The Karlovci Metropolitan Stevan Stratimirovic created the idea of an autonomous tributary religion-language-based Orthodox Shtokavian Slavonic-Serbian state in 1804.