SHVAShould Have Valid Authentication (Gmail security)
SHVASatellite Home Viewer Act of 1988
sHVASustained High-Voltage-Activated Current
SHVASecurity Host Verification and Authentication
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Congress amended SHVA and SHVIA in the Satellite Home Viewer
KSDK (Channel 5) Community Relations Director Lisa Bedian says that the SHVA is a good thing.
The industry's efforts soon may bear fruit: In August 1997, the United States Copyright Office recommended that Congress amend the Satellite Home Viewer Act (SHVA) to eliminate the Grade-B signal strength standard, and in 1998 two bills were introduced in Congress to amend SHVA.
he 1994 SHVA is no longer in force; the 1988 Act is still good law on the topic of syndicated exclusivity and various copyright matters.
After passage of SHVA, disputes regarding the eligibility of subscribers to receive distant television signals soon swept the nation.
19, 1999; Arthur Brodsky, SHVA Bill Trimmed of Rural Provisions, COMM.
The DIRECTV-NAB agreement, which has been endorsed by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA), is designed to facilitate the work of the Conference Committee in reconciling separate House and Senate bills that reauthorize the SHVA.
that the SHVA does not require consumers to be pre-screened for eligibility using antiquated and flawed methods that would prevent millions of American consumers from qualifying to receive these non-local network channels by satellite.