SiDBPSitting Diastolic Blood Pressure
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As noted above, at all clinic visits the mean trough SiDBP and heart rate were determined while blood and urine were analyzed at the screening, initiation, and final clinic visit (i.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was employed to compare SiDBP and heart rates at the different clinic visits.
Nutritional supplementation with placebo or Chlorella was discontinued and the subjects removed from the study if one of the following occurred: 1) mean SiDBP went above 115 mm Hg or below 90 mm Hg on two consecutive measurements taken 1-7 days apart; 2) subject developed side effects (e.
At all clinic visits, the mean trough SiSBP, SiDBP, and heart rate were determined.
The primary objective of our study was to determine if a reduction in mean SiDBP occurred after adding Chlorella to the daily diet for two months.
Since average changes in SiDBP might mask real responses (i.
Improvement, however, was more dramatically evident if a 4 mm Hg change in SiDBP is used as an indicator of response.