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SiLKSystem for Internet-Level Knowledge (traffic software)
SiLKSilicon Low-K
SiLKSketching Interfaces Like Krazy (software sketching program)
SiLKSystem Integration via Logic & Knowledge
SiLKSpeech, Image, Language, Knowledge
SiLKScout in Linux Kernel
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Zis is ze finest silk magazin in Paris--ze most celebrate.
One evidently did, if this is really the piece of oiled silk that was around the professor's map," said Ned.
You need n't save any old silk gowns for me; I don't mean to be a fine lady when I grow up, I 'm going to be a farmer's wife, and make butter and cheese, and have ten children, and raise pigs," she added in one enthusiastic burst.
How good was the touch of the raw silk to her flesh
He began to roar a song and stamp back and forth before the foot-lights, wildly waving a glossy silk hat and throwing leers, or smiles, broadcast.
She lets this pass, perhaps without hearing it, for solicitude about her silk has hurried her to the wardrobe where it hangs.
My silk stockings and two pairs of new gloves are my comfort.
Many of them cried out, "They thought what madam's silk gown would end in;" others spoke sarcastically of her learning.
The soldier now blew upon a green whistle, and at once a young girl, dressed in a pretty green silk gown, entered the room.
She looked particularly charming this evening, in a black silk gown, exceedingly simple and distinguished in style, throwing up the lovely firm whiteness of her throat and bosom, and making a fine contrast with her lurid hair.
These radii are connected at the outer extremities by two bands of flattened wire - the whole in this manner forming the framework of the screw, which is completed by a covering of oiled silk cut into gores, and tightened so as to present a tolerably uniform surface.
A fellow trains as fine as silk--till he's all silk, his skin, everything, and he's fit to live for a hundred years; an' then he climbs through the ropes for a hard twenty rounds with some tough customer that's just as good as he is, and in those twenty rounds he frazzles out all his silk an' blows in a year of his life.