SiNWSilicon Nano-Wire
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Figure 3 shows the top-viewed and cross-sectional SEM images of the as-prepared SiNW array and after coated PEDOT:PSS/Gr.
Figure 5 shows the reflectance spectra of a planar Si wafer, a planar Si coated PEDOT:PSS, a planar Si coated PEDOT:PSS/Gr, SiNWs, SiNWs coated PEDOT:PSS, and SiNW coated PEDOT:PSS/Gr over a broad spectral range from 220 to 2000 nm.
Caption: Figure 3: Top-viewed and cross-sectional SEM images of (a-b) SiNW arrays and (c-d) after coated PEDOT:PSS/Gr.
N-type Si (100) wafers (1-50 [ohm] x cm), silver nitrate (AgN[O.sub.3]), and hydrofluoric (HF) acid purchased from Sigma-Aldrich were used for preparing the SiNWs. PEDOT:PSS purchased from Sigma-Aldrich were used as a hole transport layer for the hybrid solar cell.
[73] have fabricated SiNW decorated AgNPs via metal assisted chemical etching technique based sandwich structural DNA SERS sensor for multiplex DNA detection.
[77], who designed a simple method of fluorescence detection for DNA hybridization events through fabrication of SiNW network modified DNA probe.
In their work, the amines group modified ERa (wild type, mutant, and noncomplementary) probe was functionalized on SiNW surface via vinyl terminated of self-assembly monolayer (SAM) process and showed high sequence specificity of ERa detection, which produced 33% of conductance change upon the interaction of wild type of ERE and ER[alpha].
C-reactive protein (CRP) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) were simultaneously detected based on antigen-antibody interaction using SiNW array chip FET sensor [97].
In this paper, we have tried to achieve minimum reflectance ~1% in the wavelength range 300-1000 nm by engineering the diameter and density of SiNWs of length ~1.2 [micro]m to get the minimum reflection, recombination and resistive losses.
Synthesis of SiNWs. SiNWs arrays were synthesized on Cz grown, boron doped p-type, 0.2-0.6 [ohm] cm resistivity, 550 mm thickness, and <100> oriented polished Si wafers using two steps metal-assisted wet etching (metal deposition and etching) method.
The SiNWs samples were subjected to RCA cleaning before the fabrication process.
The field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) images were taken for front and cross-sectional views of SiNWs samples using Hitachi FE-SEM Model S-4800.