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STGMSic Transit Gloria Mundi (Latin: Thus Passes the Glory of the World)
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"Sic transit gloria mundi (the glory of the world is fleeting).
Their approach has yielded a high number of persuasive and polished translations of occasionally surprising provenance; for instance, the version of the lacunae-bedeviled "The Ruin," a pondering of time's depredations of an ancient city (sic transit gloria mundi), by Yusef Komunyakaa, who just may have seen similar decayed splendors during his service in Vietnam.
There's a reason why he called the piece The Nameless: In this syncretic parade, each creature has half lost its identity; this riotous procession is perhaps that "bacchanalian revel in which no member is not drunk," which is what Hegel famously called "The True"--as long as one understands this "true" to also encompass the evanescent, SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI, reads the banner displayed by one of the revelers, a boy standing on the back of a tiger.
Yr ydym yn achlysurol yn llefaru yn llawn ymffrost "cogito ergo sum", neu wfftio gyda "sic transit gloria mundi" ac y mae enwau ein misoedd a'n diwrnodiau yn ddyledus i'r criw a ddaeth dros y mor a ddylanwadodd ac a fethodd a choncro er i un ohonynt ddweud "veni vidi vici".
Sic transit gloria mundi, as they used to say in Rome.
As Professor Mitchell observes, 'Sic transit gloria mundi indeed, but - to use a vernacular phrase - it all turns out right in the end.' Professor Mitchell has devoted many years of a long career to Gottsched, but his book is a sad disappointment.