SICPStructure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (computer science text)
SICPSociety of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals
SICPSocietà Italiana di Cardiologia Pediatrica
SICPShut-In Casing Pressure
SICPSyndicat Indépendant des Commissaires de Police (French: Independent Union of Police Commissioners)
SICPStandard Integrated Command Post
SICPSubscriber Interface Computer Program
SICPService Industries and Capital Projects Branch (Canada)
SICPSurvey Instrument Calibration Program
SICPSpecial Interchange Canada Program (INAC)
SICPSafety Issue Commitment Process
SICPSystem Implementation & Cutover Plan
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For instance, the property of wear resistance can be understood easily because the aluminum alloys are relatively soft compared to the hard carbide particles, enhancing the wear properties with increased silicon carbide particulate (SiCp).
However, in terms of budgetary functionality, FDTP users report some common problems: (1) administrative units from public organizations that actually initiate the BIA procedure do not have access to SICP and SICGP information; and (2) PBGD at the SSE does not have access to SICP either, and therefore, they cannot supervise any budgetary transaction as a unique budgetary box office.
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