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SOBSon of a Bitch
SOBSouth Bend (Amtrak station code; South Bend, IN)
SOBSense of Belonging
SOBSons of Belial
SOBSick of Barack (politics)
SOBShortness of Breath (symptom)
SOBSouth of the Border
SOBStop on By
SOBSeventeen or Bust (computing)
SOBSchedule of Benefits (insurance)
SOBSchool Of Business
SOBSpecial Operations Bureau (various locations)
SOBSexually Oriented Business
SOBScroll on By
SOBSexual Offences Bill
SOBScars on Broadway (band)
SOBServices over Broadband
SOBSounding Object
SOBSon of Beast
SOBSet Of Books
SOBSummary of Benefits
SOBSenate Office Building
SOBStyles of Beyond (band)
SOBSouth Bend, Indiana (Amtrak code)
SOBStrictly Only Brothers (band)
SOBSouth Bend, IN (Amtrak)
SOBSouls On Board
SOBState Office Building
SOBSide of Bed
SOBSome Other Brand
SOBSoggy on Bottom
SOBShrimp On the Barbie
SOBSmall Of Back (holster)
SOBSource Of Business
SOBStatement of Basis
SOBStart Of Block
SOBSouth Of Border
SOBStart Of Business
SOBSons of Butcher (band)
SOBSon of the Boss
SOBSailor on Board
SOBShare of Business
SOBSigns Of Betrayal (rock band)
SOBSick of Bush
SOBSeal of Blood (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SOBSilly Old Bear
SOBSilly Old Bugger (British)
SOBSocially Offensive Behavior (TV show)
SOBSpouse of Birder
SOBSober Old Bastard (Alcoholics Anonymous slang)
SOBSmelling Of Booze
SOBSober Old Biker (Alcoholics Anonymous slang)
SOBSuper Oralloy Bomb
SOBSober Old Bag (Alcoholics Anonymous slang)
SOBSeaford-Oyster Bay Expressway (Long Island, New York)
SOBSouth Orange Blossom (Florida street name)
SOBSociety of Orpheus and Bacchus (Yale University a capella group)
SOBSweet Old Bob
SOBSon of Bazerk (hip hop)
SOBStar Onion Brigade (game, Final Fantasy XI)
SOBShort(ness) of Breath (medical)
SOBSouth Oyster Bay (New York)
SOBSlide Over Baby
SOBSilly Old Bastard (Australian)
SOBSame Ocean Buddy (Scuba)
SOBSaecula Omnimodus Bellum
SOBSpace Order of Battle
SOBStatement of Boredom
SOBSons of Batman
SOBBalaton - Sármellék Hungary (Airport Code)
SOBSociété Ornithologique du Boulonnais (French: Ornithological Society of Boulogne; France)
SOBSell on Bottoms
SOBSave Our Businesses (Florida tax proposal)
SOBSample Of Behavior
SOBStandard Operational Bullstuff (polite form)
SOBSpecial Operations Base
SOBStupid Old Bastard
SOBSatan's Own Breedwork :-)
SOBStandard Operating Business
SOBService Organisation Bureau (French: Service Organization Office)
SOBStop on Barrier
SOBState Operations Budget
SOBStraight Offset Binary
SOBSex Offenders Beware! (website)
SOBSociété Odontologique de Brest (French: Brest Dental Company; France)
SOBSouth Omaha Boy
SOBSmart Operating Business
References in classic literature ?
He had got out of the wrong side of bed that morning, and nothing had gone right all day.
This and the current study are the first to examine the predictive ability of the Motor Assessment Scale and both have reported that the ability to move from supine lying to sitting over side of bed is predictive of activity limitations at discharge.
VOICE Of An Angel star Charlotte Church looks like she's got out of the wrong side of bed - and then forgotten to get dressed.
When you're training with team-mates day in, day out sometimes the adrenaline gets the better of you or maybe you just get out of the wrong side of bed that day.
A charming, sexy, perfectly calibrated comedy--which also reps the unheralded return of that cinematic dodo, the Spanish musical--"The Wrong Side of Bed" is a 180-degree stylistic turnaround for helmer Emilio Martinez-Lazaro, whose last pic ("His Master's Voice") was a gritty take on Basque terrorism.
In the diary, which has emerged for n the diary, which has emerged for the first time, Frances said: "By the side y the side of bed gun, sword, knife, chopper, flickknife.
Home Run has ability but it depends which side of bed he gets out of.
MAN IN BLACK ALAN MUIR must have got out of the wrong side of bed. Should have been relaxed for the first game of the season but he was too pedantic as he harshly sent one man off and booked another eight.
'If France get out the right side of bed and click then you would fear for any team,' he said.
Keeping the atmosphere light and mocking, helmer Ilan Duran Cohen ("Lola Zipper," 1991) and his fine seriocomic cast keep viewers guessing on which side of bed the protag will end up.
Crumble a piece of the squidgy bar into your bath and use it to salvage those days when you feel you've got out on the wrong side of bed.