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Previous analysis of the area back in 2012 recorded radiation levels of 73 sieverts per hour in the same area.
Earlier TEPCO said radiation levels of at least 10 Sieverts per hour were found on the pipe, Voice of Russia reported.
On Tuesday Tepco said it found another spot on the ventilation stack itself where radiation exceeded 10 sieverts per hour, a level that could lead to incapacitation or death after just several seconds of exposure.
The latest readings, taken six years after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, showed 11 sieverts per hour, according to (http://www.
com/fukushima-news-unimaginable-nuclear-reactor-radiation-so-destructive-not-even-robots-2489802) unimaginable " levels of radiation, close to 650 sieverts per hour.
The previous high was measured one year after the disaster at 73 Sieverts per hour.
The previous radiation high, measured one year after the disaster, was 73 Sieverts per hour.
In contrast, new measurements showed radiation levels of 650 sieverts per hour.
The previous high at the reactor was 73 sieverts per hour recorded in 2012.