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SIGDSechelt Indian Government District (Canada)
SIGDSingle Instruction on Groups of Data
SIGDSecurity in Government Departments (manual; New Zealand)
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With different blurred degree assessment algorithms (Marziliano, JNB, CPBD, SIGD, and ISVD), we calculate the blurred degree for 174 images in dataset LIVE [37].
As shown in Table 2, ISVD is less significantly efficient than SIGD, but it is sufficient for real-time VO.
Algorithm PCC SROCC RMSE MAE OR Marziliano 0.8562 0.8672 8.8354 6.4382 0.1264 JNB 0.8498 0.8345 9.0117 6.9317 0.1322 CPBD 0.9257 0.9444 6.4662 4.7098 0.0632 SIGD 0.7596 0.6877 11.1176 9.0331 0.2759 ISVD 0.9405 0.9293 5.8069 4.4090 0.0230 Table 2: The execution times of five different algorithms.
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Kess Waba is a politician proud of his achievements: recognition of 13 new kessoch; turning the sigd festivity into a national event; his continuous struggle against the religious establishment represented by Ethiopian chief rabbi.
Under the 1987 Sechelt Indian Government District enabling act, the SIGD operates under some sections of British Columbia's Municipal Act.
The Sechelt band council is the governing body responsible for land, tenant and development and infrastructure issues, and the SIGD is the official governing body.
The province's Aboriginal Affairs ministry spokesman, Peter Smith, said the province has had some concerns about the way decisions have been made by the SIGD during the past 12 years of self government and they're hoping those concerns will be addressed in the treaty process, which he stressed wasn't finalized.
But he also argued that the SIGD advisory committee -- made up primarily of Sechelt leased-land tenants -- was a form of public access.
BC's Municipal Affairs minister Jenny Kwan, who was touring Sunshine Coast communities Tuesday, March 2, was reluctant to comment on the fact that the SIGD is the only municipal government in the province to bar the public and the press.