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SLRSingle Lens Reflex (camera)
SLRSigned Lower Right (authenticity feature)
SLRSauvons La Recherche (France)
SLRSea Level Rise
SLRStatutory Liquidity Ratio
SLRSource Local Reference
SLRService Level Reporter
SLRSport Light Racing
SLRSingle Lens Reflex
SLRScalable Linear Recording
SLRSatellite Laser Ranging
SLRSelf Loading Rifle
SLRSystème Léger sur Rail (French: Light Rail System; Canada)
SLRShimano Linear Response (bicycles)
SLRStraight Leg Raising
SLRSorry Late Reply
SLRSan Lorenzo River (California)
SLRSta Lucia Realtors (Philippine Basketball Association)
SLRSimple Linear Regression
SLRSide Looking Radar
SLRSenior Living Residence (est. 1990)
SLRService Learning Requirement (various schools)
SLRSri Lanka Rupee (national currency)
SLRSouthern Light Rail (Georgia Tech)
SLRSleeper Class (railway coach)
SLRSystematic Literature Review (secondary study)
SLRSpring Load Restriction (Minnesota)
SLRSelling Loot Rights (gaming)
SLRSingapore Law Reports (Singapore Academy of Law)
SLRSilver Legacy Resort (Reno, NV)
SLRSri Lanka Railway
SLRSquare Loop Resonator (electrical engineering)
SLRSupply Licence Review (UK)
SLRStrange Life Records (Netherlands)
SLRService Level Report
SLRSign Language Recognition
SLRSending Loudness Rating (telecommunications)
SLRScanning Raman Lidar
SLRState Liaison Representative
SLRStatic Loaded Radius (tire measurement)
SLRSingle Linear Recording
SLRSlush on Runway
SLRStandard Local Rate (various companies)
SLRSuper-Leicht, Rennsport (German: Super-Light, Racing; Mercedes Benz)
SLRSingle Line Restoral
SLRStock Level Report
SLRSociété de Linguistique Romane (French: Romance Linguistics Society)
SLRService Location Register
SLRSpacelift Range
SLRSuburban Land Reserve (Salt Lake City, UT)
SLRSystèmes Logiciels et Réseaux (French: Software Systems and Networks)
SLRStock Level Requirement
SLRSlide Raft (aircraft door)
SLRSystem Level Requirement
SLRSide Lower Berth (rail travel)
SLRSplit Live Range
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2008 presented a comprehensive sign language recognition system using images from a single camera.
2015 [5] proposed an advanced computer vision based sign language recognition for 43 isolated Marathi alphabets by using skin--color based segmentation and template matching algorithm.
2016 [10] have proposed a method based on multi-modality recognition for American Sign Language recognition.
2016 [41] proposed a method for interaction between humans and robot home-service related sign language recognition system based for Taiwan sign language, which implements entropy based Kmeans algorithm and ABC-based HMM.
The Tamil Sign Language Recognition (TSL) is implemented by using digital image processing applications.
Tamil Sign Language Recognition system for basic 31 Tamil alphabets (12 Vowels, 1 special character "Ayuthum" and 18 Consonants) to aid people with auditory and articulatory impairments is developed and the proposed method is able to recognize the alphabets.
Recent developments in visual sign language recognition.
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Large vocabulary sign language recognition based on fuzzy decision trees.
The proposed sign language recognition system consists of the training and testing phase.