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SARSpecific Absorption Rate (measure of the rate of absorption of RF energy in the body)
SARSearch And Rescue
SARSons of the American Revolution
SARStudent Aid Report
SARSynthetic Aperture Radar
SARSpecial Administrative Region
SARSaudi Arabian Riyal
SARSyrian Arab Republic
SARSuccessive Approximation Register
SARStructure-Activity Relationship
SARStaff Appraisal Report
SARSystem Architecture
SARStock Appreciation Right
SARSchool Accountability Report
SARSegmentation And Reassembly
SARSummary Annual Report
SARSystemic Acquired Resistance
SARSemi-Annual Report
SARSupplied-Air Respirator (US OSHA)
SARSelf-Assessment Report
SARStop and Reverse (trading markets; stocks, bonds, commodities)
SARSeasonal Allergic Rhinitis
SARSecond Assessment Report
SARSome Assembly Required
SARSouth African Railways
SARSafety Analysis Report
SARSouth African Republic
SARSan Antonio Rampage (hockey team)
SARSchool of American Research (Santa Fe, NM, USA)
SARSon Altesse Royale
SARSelected Acquisition Report
SARShift Arithmetic Right
SARService Archive (JBoss Server)
SARSemi-Active Radar
SARSafety Assessment Report
SARSign-A-Rama (est. 1986)
SARSpecies-Area Relationship (ecology)
SARSouth Australian Railways (South Australia, Australia)
SARShort Assault Rifle
SARSystem Archive
SARSoutheast Asia Region
SARSolicitors Accounts Rules
SARSpecial Access Required
SARSpecial Autonomous Region
SARService Authorization Request
SARStructural Activity Relationship (EPA)
SARSmall Arms Range
SARShareef Abdur-Rahim (basketball player)
SARSu Alteza Real (His/Her Royal Highness)
SARSvenska Arkitekters Riksförbund (Swedish: Swedish Architects Association; Stockholm, Sweden)
SARSystem Access Request
SARSea Air Rescue
SARSite Assessment Report
SARSituation Action Result
SARSecurity Assessment Report
SarSarikoli (linguistics)
SARStichting Architecten Research (Foundation for Architects' Research)
SARSingle Aliquot Regeneration
SARStable Auroral Red
SARShare Appreciation Right
SARSocietatea Academica Romana (Romanian)
SARSource Approval Request
SARSystem Address Register
SARSystem Activity Reporting
SARSua Altezza Reale (His/Her Royal Highness)
SARService Activity Report
SARSolution Assurance Review
SARSociété d'Astronomie de Rennes (French: Astronomical Society of Rennes; Rennes, France)
SARStart Action Request
SARSatellite Access Request
SARScaffold Attached Region (molecular biology)
SARShift Amount Register
SARStandard Absorption Rate
SARShip Alteration Record
SARSuper Adventure Rockman (video game)
SARSide-looking Aperture Radar
SARStorage Address Register
SARSummary Account Record
SARSoftware Action Request
SARSingapore Armoured Regiment
SARSecurity Assistance Review
SARSystem Acquired Resistance
SARSysout Archival and Retrieval
SARSpecial Access Request
SARSoftware Architecture Review
SARspecial access requirement (US DoD)
SARSymmetrix Automated Replication
SARSulfuric Acid Recovery (hydrocarbon processing application)
SARSubsequent Applications Review
SARSurveillance Approach Radar
SARSingle Access Return
SARSubscriber Application Router
SARSalaire Annuel de Référence (French: Annual Salary of Reference)
SARSignificant Activities Report
SARSystem Anomaly Report
SARSimulated Acidic Rain
SARSpecial Action Report
SARSecurity Access Requirement (code)
SARSocial Assistance Recipient (Canada)
SARSquad Automatic Rifle
SARSalanter Akiba of Riverdale (Riverdale, New York)
SARSchedule Add Request
SARSystème d'Accès au Réseau (French: Network Access System)
SARSystem Acquisition Report
SARSoftware Assurance Requirement
SARSuppressor Area Ratio (jet engines)
SARSoftware Answer Supervision
SARShared Accommodation Rack
SARStomach Acid Reflux
SARSOI Anomaly Reports
SARSodium Adsorption Ratio unit
SARSummary Analysis Report
SARSubject Analysis and Retrieval
SARSystem Archive Retrieval
SARSite & Acceptance Review
SARShort Annular Ring
SARSystems Analysis Recording
SARSystems Assurance Review
SARStock-Adjustment Request
SARSpecial Aeronautical Requirement
SARSub-Account Representative
SARSellability Analysis Report (Sprint)
SARScientific Absorption Rate
SARSchedule and Requests
SARStrategische Argumentatie en Research BV (Haarlem, Netherlands)
SARSecurity Audit Reduction
SARSafety Appraisal Report
SARSignificant Action Report
SARService Aptitude Rating
SARSoftware Analysis Review (Telcordia)
SARSite Access Restricted
SARSpecific Appropriation Request
SARSituation Awareness Report
SARSignaling Access Routers (Sprint)
SARSupply Activities Requirements
SARShip Alteration Request
SARSupply Assistance Request
SARSample Assessment Report
SARSupplies Account Representative
SARSecurity Assistance Request
SARSemi-Autonomous Robotics
SARSupport Air Request
SARSuspicious Activity Report(ing) (banks reporting suspicious transactions)
SARSubconscious Analysis and Reprogramming (psychology)
SARStoichiometric Air Requirement (gas combustion)
SARSoftware Anomaly Report
SARSemi-Automatic Rifle (weapon)
SARSnow and Avalanche Research (Switzerland)
SARSchool for Advanced Research (Santa Fe, NM)
SARStandards Assessment Report (eduction)
SARSite Assessment and Remediation (various locations)
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Until now Sign-A-Rama has had to contract out the production of its products, but has now taken the process in-house with the setting up of its new factory in nearby Pall Mall.
Sign-A-Rama currently employs six people, and Mr McMurray said further expansion was a real possibility.
When customers come into a SIGN-A-RAMA store, they know the owners and staff are knowledgeable, dependable, and do outstanding, quality work.
Sign-A-Rama, which has served businesses in the United States and overseas for 15 years, is now expanding into Latin America.
Consolidating our signage consumption under one umbrella with a company that has the scope and vision of SIGN-A-RAMA will mean tremendous economy of scale purchasing power to us and will yield significant additional margin for both of our companies," added Steinberg.
Sign-A-Rama is presently in 20 countries with 550 locations, of which more than 100 are outside the U.
Eric Peterson, SIGN-A-RAMA Manager, Vendor Programs, says "the SIGN*BLINDS product line should be an excellent addition to our Signature Series product portfolio, and well received by our SIGN-A-RAMA franchises.
SIGN-A-RAMA has chosen a wide format inkjet printer and supplies to form the basis for their sign making system.
SIGN-A-RAMA franchisees will use both ENCAD printers and ENCAD's complete line of scientifically-matched supplies for a system providing a wide range of applications at a value price.
Speedy Sign-A-Rama is the sister company of MinuteMan Press of Long Island, N.
Nasdaq:SUPVA) (Class A Common), a world leader in the manufacture of fiber optic lighting systems, recently gained direct access to over 400 new customers when it became the approved fiber optic vendor for the world's largest sign franchiser, Sign-A-Rama.
of West Palm Beach-based Speedy Sign-A-Rama, happily announced the opening of a new Sign-A-Rama in Puerto Rico today.